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  1. I'm actually working on Saturday (sprung on me yesterday) so @Xilanxiv or @Adamant_Unicorn should tank in my place.
  2. Lol so did I. I should prob just make it say im available everyday Saturday. I’ll remember to change it when I’m not available rather than update it every week when I am.
  3. DK, Templar or necro tank Warden heals Sorc DPS (if you’d need me to fill, I’d recommend the healer or tank) Spreadsheet’s a lil out of date but I’m 772 now. Sets are all the same & available to whichever tank you want.
  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! :)

  5. Hope your birthday is amazing!!



  6. Happy birthday, Calypso! ❤️ Will this be you later today? 😛 


    happy birthday GIF

  7. Happy Birthday Bud!! 🎉