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  1. it was fun watching you tank with you nb!

  2. Happy Birthday dude!! Partake in the finest of shenanigans fine sir

  3. Have a very happy birthday @Calypso589!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Have a super day :) 


    clapping applause GIF

  5. Calypso589

    Dungeon Mayhem


    It's just the group you join before Snicket divides everyone up.
  6. Calypso589

    Dungeon Mayhem

    Come clear some dungeons! Join the "Lobby" ( come to both eso main voice and use in game invite code) and get partnered up with friends as you go out to earn levels, collect gear and generally just slay! The only requirement is a level 10 toon!
  7. Calypso589

    Tier 2 Trials

    Objective: To encourage practice and increased skill and effectiveness in your role. Requirements ~400 CP Two 5 Piece Sets and Monster Set (or equivalent), minimum 10 pieces with appropriate traits and enchants. Completion of any of the following Veteran content: Ruins of Mazzatun, Cradle of Shadows, Castle Thorn, Stone Garden, Imperial City Prison Suggested addons: Hodor Reflexes - DPS & Ultimate Share, Code’s Combat Alert, RaidNotifier Damage Dealers Suggested 45K+ DPS trial dummy parse*. *Note: This is meant as a guide post, or stepping stone, to introduce parsing and encourage practice of light attack weaving and rotations. Not a hard requirement. However, this is particularly relevant if you wish to progress into Tier 3 content as we do have a stricter dps requirement. Healers Require any 2 sets that buff, heal, or help sustain the group. Suggested Sets: Olorime and/or Spell Power Cure, Jorvuld's Guidance, Hollowfang Thirst Suggested Monster Sets: Sentinel of Rkugamz, Nightflame, The Troll King Tanks Require any 2 sets that buff the group or debuff enemies. Suggested sets: Ebon Armory, Claw of Yolnakriin, Bani’s Torment, Battalion Defender Suggested Monster Sets: Lord Warden, Bloodspawn, Lady Thorn Included Trials - Normal Maw of Lorkhaj (Thieves Guild DLC) - Normal Kyne's Aegis (Greymoor Chapter) - Normal Asylum Sanctorium +1-2 (Clockwork City DLC) - Normal Cloudrest +1-3 (Summerset Chapter) - Normal Halls of Fabrication (Morrowind Chapter) - Veteran Aetherian Archives - Veteran Sanctum Ophidia - Veteran Hel Ra Citadel
  8. I should be available. DK tank. Or NB tank if you decide not to take Tmumt's nightblade. The Hemmorage passive is crazy good.
  9. I'm actually working on Saturday (sprung on me yesterday) so @Xilanxiv or @Adamant_Unicorn should tank in my place.
  10. Lol so did I. I should prob just make it say im available everyday Saturday. I’ll remember to change it when I’m not available rather than update it every week when I am.
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