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  1. it was fun watching you tank with you nb!

  2. Happy Birthday dude!! Partake in the finest of shenanigans fine sir

  3. Have a very happy birthday @Calypso589!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Have a super day :) 


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  5. Calypso589

    Dungeon Mayhem


    It's just the group you join before Snicket divides everyone up.
  6. Calypso589

    Tier 3 Trials (Raids)

    Requirements Level 50 CP600 Two full sets of gear, epic quality or higher, proper traits & enchants, monster set (Desired sets in the description below). 40k Recommended DPS Parse (6 mil Dummy) Included Trials Veteran Aetherian Archives and/or hard mode Veteran Sanctum Ophidia and/or hard mode Veteran Hel Ra Citadel Veteran Cloudrest +0 Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj Veteran Asylum Sanctorium +0 Veteran Sunspire Learning Objectives Attendees will refine and apply the skills they’ve developed in the previous two tiers to conquer some of the toughest content the game has to offer. Attendees will develop a habit of changing their CP to better suit the challenge at hand Attendees will develop a deeper understanding of mechanics through repeated “Trials by Fire” and will be expected to retain that knowledge and grow. Personal & peer review. Self auditing is important here and there will be a stronger emphasis on using ESO logs. Description This tier is basically the equivalent of earning your Bachelor’s degree in your respective class and role. Consistent success in this tier will endow you with the strength and gear needed to move on and earn your Master’s degree in the unofficial Dead by Daylight program that Orbit and Telana co-organize. You’ll notice that not every Veteran Trial and it's hard mode are included in this tier. Yes, even at CP600 you may still lack the strength and sustain needed to survive in specific encounters such as Veteran Halls of Fabrication or Veteran Cloudrest +1-3. Make no mistake however that Tier 3 IS endgame in the strongest sense of the word and you’ll be no less expected to know your class and role here as you will be when you hit 810. In this tier you WILL die. A lot. You will recover. A lot. You will discuss. A lot. Here you will truly develop a relationship with these raids. A love/hate one.
  7. Calypso589

    Dungeon Mayhem

    Come spam normal mode dungeons! Join the "Lobby" and get partnered up with friends as you go out to earn levels, collect gear and generally just slay! Zero requirements to join in outside of being Level 10!
  8. Calypso589

    Tier 2 Trials (Raids)

    Requirements Level 50 CP300 Two full sets of gear, epic quality, proper enchants Participating in this tier means you have by now outfitted yourself with some of the standard sets expected of your class and role, which will be outlined in the description below. Optimal traits are preferred but the Trials introduced in this tier are intermediate in difficulty so we need not stress too much over them. Included Trials Normal Maw of Lorkhaj (Thieves Guild DLC) Normal Asylum Sanctorium +1-2 (Clockwork City CLC) Normal Cloudrest +1-3 (Summerset Chapter) Normal Halls of Fabrication (Morrowind Chapter) Normal Sunspire (Elsweyr Chapter) Veteran Aetherian Archives Veteran Sanctum Ophidia Veteran Hel Ra Citadel This is a big step up from Tier 1 and leads to much harder fights , particularly fights like Cloudrest +3, Asylum Sanctorium +2 and Veteran Sanctum Ophidia where the amount of mechanics that need to be responded to can’t be counted one one hand. In this tier it’s important that you know your character’s rotation if you’re DPS and if you’re a support class, where your skills are on your bar and what they do. By now, those things should be muscle memory as in this tier you won’t be standing still so much. The CP300 requirement may seem like overkill for something like Normal Maw of Lorkhaj, Sunspire and the base versions of Cloudrest and Asylum but this is by design. The point is that members performing in this tier are focusing on their situational awareness. The CP300 requirement ensures that participants have earned the Red CP necessary to sustain and survive in this tier which means they can focus more on the points of positioning and raid synergy. The higher level requirement provides some latitude in cases where mistakes are made as attendees practice these important skills.
  9. I should be available. DK tank. Or NB tank if you decide not to take Tmumt's nightblade. The Hemmorage passive is crazy good.
  10. I'm actually working on Saturday (sprung on me yesterday) so @Xilanxiv or @Adamant_Unicorn should tank in my place.
  11. Lol so did I. I should prob just make it say im available everyday Saturday. I’ll remember to change it when I’m not available rather than update it every week when I am.