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    Syfy, gaming, model railroading, watching movies new and old, illustration.

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Hello all. redoing my about me. I've been with Roh for almost 2 years now  and by far this is the most organized gaming community I've been in. It has it's off and downs, but not everyone is always going to get along. But because of matured people in this gaming community,  issues get resolved. Most guilds just fall apart and there's only 1 or 2 left in the guild that play.  I am shy for the most part hence wy I don't get on teamspeak a whole lot. But getting to know players I'm coming around. I'm happily married with my loving wife. We use to game back then, but she kind of grew out of it. Every now and then she will game with me. Lord of the Rings online was our main game she liked to play. I'm big into syfy and history. My favorite syfy is the Star Wars universe. I'd give my life if I could go there for real. I'd probably be shot by a blaster bolt or stabbed by a saber in 2 days, but it'd be worth it. I love gaming, started since I was a kid playing Atari 2600 up to today. I'm mainly into World War 2 history and the Roman Empire. Hope to see you in game. What ever game that may  be.