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  1. Happy birthday @Revanite.  You are only 19 years old? Youngling. I forgot how young you were  for some reason. I thought you were older.

  2. Got my roku set up for tomorrow. All set for my Star Wars geekathon  tomorrow night. 

  3. Happy birthday @Tallon. Miss you 

  4. Happy birthday @Pew  not sure if you remember me,  but I miss our days of Wildstar.  Chaos, Tallon, Bubbles, LittleStar.  Miss all you guys. 

  5. I may have missed this already. What happened to the chat box?

    1. Azilori


      @Scoobs can correct me if I am wrong, but the Hope Chat was designed to be removed at some point during the discord transition - now we reach the end of this time period, it has been discontinued... 

    2. Scoobs


      This is correct.  While Hope chat has served us well, I've seen a significant decrease in use for the last several weeks and since the plan was to remove it eventually, I went ahead and did so ahead of the transition to the new server

    3. Azzareth


      Ahh ok. I'm going to miss reading it. But I know not many have been using it lately.

      I'm looking forward to the popping Christmas lights coming up soon anyway.  :p.  Thanks @Scoobsand @Azilori

  6. Happy birthday @Elisel!!!!

  7. @Scoobs good possibility. I'll have to get back to you on that. My dad isn't doing well, so I'm not sure if I have to sit with him or not. I'll let you know. Been awhile since I updated that game.
  8. So Rise of Skywalker is getting near. It will be here before we know it. Any of you Star Wars fans have any predictions of this movie. 

    Also quite looking forward to the Mandalorian. Even more so than the movie. My theory is that the Mandalorian is Boba Fett..

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    2. joshhamm


      @Jaark @Azzarethi'm probably one of the few fans who are looking forward to Rise of Skywalker Mainly because it looks interesting and from what i heard they finally brought George back to fix those F*** Ups. :)  

    3. Jaark


      @joshhamm you are serious? If so... I am shocked!

    4. Azzareth


      @Jaark hey bud, I must of accidentally deleted one of my wrong conversations. But  we already talked about this in game. I didn't realize they confirmed that it's not supposed to be Fett. But he seemed to have many similarities. Grappling hook, doesn't talk, and uses frozen Carbonite  for his bounties. And he  teamed up with an IG model.  As for the movie, I hope it's  way better than the Last Jedi.  Last Jedi was visually stunning, but eh on the story.

  9. Sweet only 45 more to go in reputation. Lol.  Getting closer to 1000. :p

  10. Happy birthday @Shant. Been a long time.