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    Arabesque d'Esong
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    Angeles Song
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    Esong, Ezabeau d'Esong, Ellendil d'Esong, Enge d'Esong, E'Morte d'Esong, E'Terra d'Esong, Ellisia d'Esong, Elynea d'Esong, Ekara d'Esong, Ehryn d'Esong, Edesya d'Esong, Elantra d'Esong

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    Erandris, Lahajha, Mehre, Ezaire

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  1. Hey @Esong *****  - happy belated birthday!  So sorry I missed it. I hope you are doing well.  Miss you!

  2. Hi Teleana, What can I do to help my brother join ROH?

  3. Happy belated birthday Esong!! Miss you much



  4. Happy happy birthday! :D


    happy birthday party GIF by Leannimator

  5. Happy Birthday Esong my friend! I hope its a great day!

  6. Duct tape fixes everything...

    1. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      It's like the Force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it binds the universe together.

  7. Happy Birthday Tam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi - i just posted in the forum to understand who to approach for crafting. can you please help? Please hit me up whenever you have time.

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    2. Esong *****

      Esong *****

      Let's talk after the community meeting.

    3. Liteofquresh


      Hey thanks yes let me check the calendar to see whats next. But I'll be online tonight from 8 to 12 EST. And more.

      Also I think I've sorted out my vonfusion about the sets.


      I'll be trying to go for full tanking sets at co 150

    4. Liteofquresh


      Outside my home. Will message you once I get online

  9. happy birthday @***** Love your forum name ;)

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    1. Stargirl


      Super happy birthday!!!

    2. Esong *****

      Esong *****

      I'm ancient beyond belief.  Thanks Stargirl!!!!  I hope you are doing well!