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  1. until

    Ran 3 public dungeons with @crosius and @Xilanxiv - took a snapshot as well lol - leveling with friends
  2. Liteofquresh

    Community Meeting


    Ah so I guess this is happening right now then. The title says 10 pm but the small print says 8 pm. I'll try to join in but I'm still out of home. catch you guys at least in the event then
  3. until

    Quick question folks: is the timing is EST or EDT? If EDT is theere a specific reason why that timing standard has been chosen?
  4. Hi - i just posted in the forum to understand who to approach for crafting. can you please help? Please hit me up whenever you have time.

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    2. Esong *****

      Esong *****

      Let's talk after the community meeting.

    3. Liteofquresh


      Hey thanks yes let me check the calendar to see whats next. But I'll be online tonight from 8 to 12 EST. And more.

      Also I think I've sorted out my vonfusion about the sets.


      I'll be trying to go for full tanking sets at co 150

    4. Liteofquresh


      Outside my home. Will message you once I get online