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  1. Michael Ex

    Planned Teamup

    So Sunday what time? I am westcoast US
  2. Michael Ex

    Planned Teamup

    I am around as well !
  3. Michael Ex


    Sorry I have been away last few nights. I need to level up!
  4. Michael Ex

    Player Names in FO76

    On PC Michael_Ex account name Michael Ex player name
  5. Michael Ex


    Thats intense! I gotta level up !
  6. Michael Ex


    This one came out good with the frame
  7. Hey T'riss :)


    Hope your doing good. Miss chatting with you.


    I have been off the forums for a bit because of a situation but everything is ok now. 


    See you soon ~



  8. Michael Ex


    Yeah! That was a blast! I'll be on most of today too! Plus I get a long break from work because of the holiday! Let's rock!
  9. Michael Ex


    Michael_Ex is my Bethesda launcher name Michael Ex is my character name
  10. Michael Ex


    Going down to gamestop
  11. Michael Ex

    Finding Those Interested

    We are on PC?
  12. Michael Ex

    Finding Those Interested

    I want to play! I might go buy it after work today!
  13. Happy Birthday, @Michael Ex!

    1. Michael Ex

      Michael Ex

      Thank you :) ! ! ! ! 

  14. Happy Day of your Birth !  :)

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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