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  1. Hey all ! My name is Michael. I live in Ca, USA. I'm 35 years old and single. I dont go out a lot outside of work and family gatherings, so it's hard to meet people. I am a peer counselor at a mental health wellness center at the moment and have worked homeless shelters and crisis mental health triage over the past 9 years. I am introverted but have a cat named Jack. I love sports and rpg games. I am a poet on the creative side of life. Huge Seinfeld fan and like to laugh. That's me
  2. Clan is now level 7! If anyone wants to do bounties let me know!
  3. Happy Birthday Koro! 

  4. Hey Agents! Our ROH clan has now 12 people. I hope that we can keep this clan ROH and friends/family. If you meet someone cool, totally invite. I have changed clan preferences to invite only as of now. I am not sure if the recent surge is from our clan being searchable, and I don't intend to have random people joining, so I have changed it to invite only. If you need anything, let me know
  5. You are not the only one reporting this. Have you tried the basic workarounds? http://frondtech.com/division-2-performance-guide-fix-lag-fps-drops-bugs-and-stuttering/
  6. We have just unlocked our clan projects and statistics ! We are up to 7 members. If you need a invite, search for RemnantsOfHope after you unlock guilds in game. Or message anyone I saw a few new members yesterday that were promoted to Agent. Please invite friends.
  7. @MrFishy I set up a clan with RemnantsOfHope Tag. ROH- If you want to coordinate and come over to the dark side let me know. I can promote you to commander if you like if you want control. @SyntheticPlayer did you need a invite as well?
  8. Hey Agents of ROH :) Has anyone done any of the group content stronghold type things? I would love to try and coordinate with you all to set that up ! I still need to level up, but I also understand 8 man raids will be introduced. Hopefully there will be a matchmaking system, as our ranks are low at the moment. @Lagerfueled I know your waiting on your upgrade pc wise. Have you heard of anything about matchmaking systems? @Jaark Did you play enough to progress to the strongholds? (At least I think that is what there called) Itching to get some information on those. Well have a great weekend all. I will be on this weekend if anyone wants to roam or just team up to take on harder challenges.
  9. I can send invites. Also, when you unlock clans, you can search RemnantsOfHope to join.

Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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