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  1. Michael Ex

    Origin Names

  2. Michael Ex

    Which main are y'all going to main?

    Ranger here
  3. Michael Ex

    Guild Name

    I vote Remnants of Hope. Not sure if there will be a guild system at launch
  4. Happy Birthday !

  5. back into SWTOR! Love how this game has evolved. 

  6. Happy Birthday! Miss seeing you ❤️

  7. Hey all! Looking for members for a planned team up before or after the holidays. I am almost level 10, and have been playing about 25 hours. I like this game in spite of the bad reviews. The game is buggy but it is getting better with each update. @RhemaTom they fixed the freeze screen that happens when someone logs out. Anyways, if your just starting out we can team up and have fun!
  8. Michael Ex

    Planned Teamup

    Sounds like a great idea ! I will be on and off this weekend for sure. Tonight (Friday) I might be to tired to play.
  9. Michael Ex

    Planned Teamup

    So Sunday what time? I am westcoast US
  10. Michael Ex

    Planned Teamup

    I am around as well !
  11. Michael Ex


    Sorry I have been away last few nights. I need to level up!
  12. Michael Ex

    Player Names in FO76

    On PC Michael_Ex account name Michael Ex player name
  13. Michael Ex


    Thats intense! I gotta level up !
  14. Michael Ex


    This one came out good with the frame

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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