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  1. Happy birthday @Pew  not sure if you remember me,  but I miss our days of Wildstar.  Chaos, Tallon, Bubbles, LittleStar.  Miss all you guys. 

  2. Have a very Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  3. Happy Birthday, @Pew!!!

  4. Elisel

    Happy Birthday Pew!!

  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Pew!!!!

  7. Happy birthday @Pew

    Who would of thought wildstar coming at an end huh? I  miss watching you kick  #!@?*.  I'd swear if I was aloud to. ;)

  8. Before I do this server transfer, what relm/server are we on just so I dont go and derp wasting $18
  9. got work today from 2:30-11:30pm cst so i'll be on in the morning and maybe late when I get back from work
  10. debating on if I should transfer my other toon (70AST/70WHM/67BRD+other stuff) or just keep leveling my new toon (level 15/16 BRD atm). My in game name is Pew Tato. Edit. Seeing as its cheaper to just transfer my higher toon($18 vs $25 for Main quest skip and $25 optional 60 boost) i'll just do that
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    Happy Birthday!!

  12. OMG PEW ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY YOU OLD MAN HAHA jk :IMG_3736::IMG_3738::IMG_3738::IMG_3738::IMG_3738::IMG_3738::IMG_3738::IMG_3738:



  13. Happy Birthday Pew! Hope your day is filled with fun! A birthday on a Saturday! Awesome!