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  1. until

    rDPS (Sorc) or Tank (Jugg), although I'm gonna need someone to re-explain the Scyva fight again
  2. Happy Birthday, Aravail! Congratulations on making another revolution around the sun! :D

    1. Aravail


      Thanks!  Let's hope this starship still has plenty of fuel left!

  3. until

    Put me down as a backup (tank or rDPS), I'll be around but I don't mind letting others go instead!
  4. until

    I can come tank (Jugg) or ranged DPS (Sorc)
  5. until

    I can come tank (Jugg) or ranged DPS (Sorc), whichever you need more
  6. until

    I can come on my Sorc DPS Although fair warning I've only ever done the first two bosses of this one haha
  7. Ocean

    SMOPs: Terror From Beyond!


    If you still need another person for tonight I should be around and can bring heals
  8. Ocean

    SMOPs: Explosive Conflict!


    I'd love to come tank! I'm familiar with EC and will be around (as long as my computer decides not to go splat).
  9. Happy Birthday Eli :D <3

  10. Happy Birthday Azzareth!! :D 

  11. Happy birthday, dear Empress :3 May your reign of power and destruction continue forever!  /grovel

  12. Hey all, I'd like to apologize for not being able to run last night's Imp PVP event; unfortunately, my sleep schedule is pretty wonky right now so I slept through the event :sad: Sorry if anyone wasn't able to PVP last night! I hope to see you all next week.

  13. Happy Birthday Muppet!!! :D 

  14. Happy Birthday Phoenix!!! :D 

  15. Congratulations on your day of birth, Katalog :D 

  16. Happy happy happy happy birthday Bunny!!!!! :D Hope you have a wonderful birthday today!

  17. Ocean

    Happy birthday Scya! Hope you're having a wonderful day :) 

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAVEM!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Happy Birthday Haloa! :D 


    1. Dymlos


      Ocean, my dear friend, thanks a lot for the congrats!

  21. Happy Birthday, Jaan! :) 

  22. Happy Birthday, heartless! :) 

  23. Happy Birthday Viv!! Hope you have an awesome, wonderful day :laugh:

    1. ViVshotfirst


      Oh it was awesome, thank you!

  24. Ocean

    Happy Birthday, Gagi!!! Hope you have a wonderful day :) 

    1. Gagi


      Thanks buddy! :D