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  1. Happy 25th birthday v2.0! :Smilies_Bananas_Dancing2:

  2. Welcome to the half-century club!!!  Best wishes for a most happy birthday!

    1. Azzareth


      In 4 more years. I hit that myself.  :( 

  3. Happy Birthday buddy!

  4. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

  5. Happy Birthday, Getius!!



  6. Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Welcome to an awesome new decade! Happy 29th birthday! :D

    1. Getius


      Thank you!! That was the best laugh I have had today.

  8. Happy Birthday @Getius!

  9. Happy Birthday @Getius!! I hope it is a nice and wonderful day for you today!!

  10. Happy birthday  @Getius

  11. Image result for Happy Birthday Wishes


    Hope today is special for you!

  12. Happy birthday @Getius!!! Eat lots of cake. :D 

  13. Happy Birthday, all the best! :) 

  14. Really like your forum name its clever!

    1. Muffintoseehere


      Thank you very much!  I love a good food pun. :)

    2. Getius
  15. Happy birthday, Getius!

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