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  1. Holy work, Batman! This job is taking off.

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    2. Kota Terress

      Kota Terress

      Thanks! I graduate in the fall *fingers crossed*

    3. Vil


      Can't wait to see the graduation pics!

    4. Kota Terress

      Kota Terress

      HAHA! We shall see lol

  2. Republic RP was fun last night! Good job Colt! Its fun being a player every now and then lol

  3. Still need players? Let me know your schedule, maybe I can make it.

    1. Kota Terress

      Kota Terress

      oooooooooo 0.o

      I'll let you know =)

    2. Vil


      Thanks. Would be fun to roll the virtual dice with you again. Good times. 

  4. PLAYERS WANTED! I'm starting up a Virtual Tabletop game using the Star wars RPG (FFG)! I just had a spot open up if anyone is interested please let me know ASAP!

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    2. Guest


      I got the gmail, gotta download the roll 20 and all that jazz. want me to pm you the gmail?


    3. Kota Terress

      Kota Terress

      If you want or you can go Here and join the game

    4. Guest


      the link tells me it's unauthorized

  5. i think I have some issues with SWTOR's story now and I really need to sit down and have a serious analytical narrative talk with someone about it. Once I'm on break someone owes me that conversation lol TS will suffice.


  6. Oh are the holidays coming? I couldn't tell with these little itty bityy FINALS I've been dealing with.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving RoH Family! I hope you all enjoy time with your families, regardless of who you consider family.

    1. Vil


      Hope you had a fantastic holiday. 

    2. Kota Terress

      Kota Terress

      I miss you!!! Also give me a job maybe??!! ;)

    3. Vil


      LOL!! Miss you too! Sure thing... just head on out to Phoenix AZ. I'm sure I can find you something, and just think, you'd be a hop, skip and a jump from LA!

  8. first actual day off in months, what to do......Battlefront? idk you tell me *18:30 hours played*

  9. I love my field, but that's the problem! I want to work! I'm doing something I love so that I will enjoy work and yet I'm stuck in a never ending senior year of College! This education system right now -_-

  10. Play Star wars ? What's that? "free time"?? Never heard of it. I need a vacation

    1. Colt


      I miss you b. Come back to me :(

  11. Name drop in "Hutt Space Siege"!!! Can you spot it!?!?!

  12. All of the new Forum RPs that occur during the 5 years until KOTFE are now up and running. Let me see what you got RPers!!!!

  13. Are you prepared for KOTFE? How about in terms of RP? Head over to the RP forums to check out some RP leading up to KOTFE! http://www.remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/18600-the-road-to-knights-of-the-fallen-empire/

    1. Guest


      Sounds great, already posted in your post.

  14. If you don't see me a lot this week it;s the Lady friend is getting her wisdom teeth out and I'm in charge of her lol

  15. In Wildwood for the week ! It's so nice here ! I'll be on the forums every now and then