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  1. Have a very happy birthday!! I hope you are doing okay! :) happy birthday minions GIF

  2. It's new system time! I won't be back in game until Maybe late Friday or over the weekend. My PC went down, currently waiting on delivery of a new setup. Happy gaming! You can catch me here on the forums/Discord. 

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    2. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      Sorry to hear your old rig died—hope the new one will be much better!!


      We missed you at social-“Counseling Session for Fish Tank Destroyers” last night. :D


    3. Vil


      I heard a bit about it. Sounded entertaining. The new rig will be vastly better. Anxiously awaiting its arrival... 

    4. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      For you!








  3. I can't make this Thursday. Next one for me. Thanks for setting it up Jinn.
  4. Congratulations @Don't Touch and thank you @T'riss for putting your name in and taking part in the election. I'm looking foward to great things from FF. Reminds me I need to re-up my sub and play some.
  5. I'm planning on attending and playing some FF tomorrow.
  6. This is awesome. Thanks @witchbolts and @T'riss, while I can't make it tomorrow. I look forward to joining in.
  7. Hey folks, ever fear, I'm still here! Between work, a 2 plus day internet outage and asthma, I've been absent from game and TS. But you can't get rid of me that easy! 😎 I'm pleased to report Internet is back. Asthma still sucks, but vacation is coming. Which is much better than Winter is coming... maybe... 

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    2. Vil


      Can't wait @Vorn . I have 6 days til vacation. 

    3. Sweetbunny


      Happy your net is back sorry your Ashma still a problem 

    4. Elisel


      Sorry to hear about your asthma @Vil - Glad to hear internet is back. And glad you are kind of back.  Yay Vacation!!!

  8. No can do for me on Thursday. Count me in for next run! Have fun
  9. Was a great time. Thanks for leading the fun. All the shenanigans! lol
  10. Happy Birthday!!


    happy birthday GIF

  11. Vil



    Hope you have a wonderful day, surrounded by family and lots of love :) 

  12. Felipe

    Happy birthday Vil! Wish only the best to you and your family! Thanks for being such a great person. :D 


    1. Vil


      Thanks so much @Felipe :)