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  1. I am so excited to get started! ...But, does anyone have any information on the differences between the races (Dwarves, Elves, Men, Hobbits)?
  2. This is amazing and I would so be down for these ideas! Should we all create a new toon so that we can level together?



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      Thanks you Cheeky  🤣

  4. Oooo, I've been meaning to give Patrick O'Brian a go! I'd definitely be down for reading anything of his.
  5. But...but...we're only a few days into the month!!! You need to slow down, dude...
  6. I'm totally ready for this month's book choice...I just have to find it first...
  7. I love the idea of reading the Patrick Rothfuss books! Not only because I own the first two, already, but because I haven't really read them and would totally like to! lol
  8. We're definitely going to need to see a picture of those "nerd" books! Like...right now. p.s. That's a cute dog. I like the bottom row the best...because COMIC BOOKS! Also, I'll post a picture of my bedside chair (at a later date) to prove how much of a scatter-brain I am with books...
  9. Just created a new character! Steam says I've played over 5 hours of STO, but this is my first character. I'll post my character name when I remember it...Lol
  10. until

    Count me in! DPS.
  11. Has anyone read the "Deed of Paksennarion" series by Elizabeth Moon? I've only recently found out about her books, and I am completely in love with them! I've never been one for reading about military anything, but I have really enjoyed reading the story of Paksennarion ("Paks" for short) and her epic adventure in joining a mercenary company. The books are far more than just her time spent in the mercenaries army, though. The books encompass her entire life. I am truly baffled at how Elizabeth Moon managed to tell all these various tales of Paks' life, without it being pedantic. Have any of you read this series?