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  1. Happy Birthday @Oswald-Plays - hope it's a great one!

    1. Oswald-Plays


      Thank you so much @Elisel!


  2. Happy birthday, Love Bug!! 💕💕

  3. Haha! @DreamingofRoses the offer stands until shortly after 7:30 PM next Sunday night.
  4. Had fun tonight playing with everyone! Looking forward to playing again next weekend! Thank you @KalianVan for organizing the game!
  5. @KalianVan My availability usually matches @Ezoura. This is more of a one-off work event that I have to do that night.
  6. I won’t be able to make this Thursday due to a work dinner. Sorry! I look forward to playing in the future though!
  7. Oswald-Plays

    ESO Division Assembly


    Thank you @SerenityKellan and @Telana for answering my questions tonight!