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    Our fearless leader @Merliah will be away so ya'll are stuck with me. And we're gonna do TFB because Operator IX misses us. Tank: @Aedi Lanigiro Tank: @Madhatter5510 Heals: @Rama Heals: @Hippy Dps: Dps: @Vorn Dps: @Frarry Dps: @Yiss Backups: @Jed, @Kialya, @Slyfoxmartin, @Kij, @Jae Onasi
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    @Riku talk to Kat if you're interested!
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    I can make it if Yiss can't
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  4. Right now I wanna spazz out like a cat running back and forth to get the nervousness out because of tomorrow. Just so grateful for this chance to start a new chapter in my life that I know will lead to many more beautiful beginnings.
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    Thanks! I am not sure if I can make the time tho, sorry.
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    Well, let's see how my newer gear does against them all then. Melee DPS for me. @Aedi LanigiroDid you know your title is for 2/17, but the event is 2/19?
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