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  1. until

    Ill sit @Katalaw I wanted to watch the Mandalorian anyway. text me if you end up needing me but I would be happy to let someone else clear!
  2. until

    I am curious if there is a level increase will our toons be viable at the current level
  3. until

    Sorry, I am usually terrible about the online check in, but would have been there, but I see we are short anyway....I assume this is because Kat is moving and I will try to do better @MO-0519
  4. until

    I have a business trip taking me to lovely Salt Lake City Monday night and not landing until like 10pm Eastern raid night so I need to bow out this week. Sorry.
  5. Orig Wrangler



    I will be there
  6. Orig Wrangler



    Sorry made plan with the wife since I was getting the impression this may be on hold until the new content. I will go back to scheduling my Tuesdays free. Hopefully @Aishya can fill in tonight
  7. Happy Birthday Orig!!!!

  8. ORIG! Happy birthday, friend! 

  9. until

    See if you can find a replacement for me. Still dealing with Madison house stuff and likely will be for at least a few more nights.
  10. until

    I should be getting home right around 9pm, will text if any issues
  11. until

    Count me as backup since we are doing easier content. I am completely available but if you have someone else to train I will spend the time doing The original KOTOR.
  12. until

    Im in.
  13. until

    So I am finally back up and running/working. Sorry for missing the first one after the break. I brought home one hell of a cold from vacation and have been asleep most of this week!
  14. until

    @Tyrlo @Aravail @Sayuri @Katalaw @Vorn @BattingChart @Rama Looks like a Large update as I log in, over 2 GB. FYI to log in early.