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    I love gaming and I play WOW, ARK, Dragon Ball Z, GTA, Elder Scrolls Online, Need For Speed and more.

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    Happy Birthday!! I hope its wonderful :D

  2. Happy birthday  frosty

  3. To get an idea of what class you can play in PVP here is a link to the top players as of 1/23/2017 

    Note: you do not need to choose these classes to PVP just play what you feel is comfortable to you. 


  4. Here is a great website for general PVP information make sure to scroll down to see the Blizzard info for the best way to get honor points  

  5. Ok thanks for the heads up we can always rebuild!
  6. Nice!, thanks Chaos for the info on ARK I have 811hr on ARK so more than willing to help out and join your server and if possible your tribe. My Steam name is FrostyXtreme if anyone would like to add me on steam I have lots of other games as well. If you are interested in playing others games I'm more than willing to play.
  7. Great to be part of the Remnants Of Hope! thanks for giving me the opportunity to join your guild.