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  1. Thanks and the eyepatch? No, it simply was the gear he had when I took the screenshot, I'll be updating it soon.
  2. Note: After we decided the RP direction of the FC I decided to revive a concept that I had discarded instead of the idea I had mentioned in our meeting. This meant a change of race from Higlander to Midlander. Preamble: This idea of a character came to me after recently watching again a classical movie that was released in 1971. This movie was based on a novel by Tomas Mann and its title is "Death in Venice", the link below present the plot in full if you want to learn more, even better if you can stream it (Amazon has it) I hope you will like it as much as I did: Death in Venice (film) wikipedia page A abstract of the plot: A middle-aged musician travels to Venice early in the 20th century looking for the inspiration he had lost and has an encounter with a teenage polish boy that was vacationing in the same hotel he was. As a sensible being going through a "dry" phase, he gets elated with the purity and beauty of the boy, he gets obsessed with him, following him everywhere without never ever interacting with him. I need to clarify that there is nothing "sexual" in the attraction the musician feels for the boy, it is more a platonic love for the perfection he represents. At the end of the movie, the musician learns that the boy and his family are leaving and he won't be able to see him anymore, he was already sick, but then dies of a heart stroke watching the boy (Tadzio) in the distance one last time. After watching the movie, I got curious what would have been the life of Tadzio as he grows into adulthood, and I used this as a source to create Archibald (as a Midlander). Backstory: Sebastian Redsteele was a prosperous Midlander merchant based in Ul'dah that, in his younger years , was traveling all around the city states of Eorzea peddling his wares wherever there was a demand of them. In one of his visits to Gridania he fell in love with Selene Herion, a beautiful Midlander lady craving to know the world outside the Twelswood and who loved back the cosmopolitan Sebastian. They married, establishing themselves in Ul'dah. When Selene got pregant of Archibald, Sebastian understood that he had to leave the life of itinerant peddler behind. Using his accounting talents in the service of the Syndicate he became a wealthy man. When Archibald was born, his physical beauty was so striking that for a time they believed he was going to be a Padjal , something that obviously did not happen. He grew as a regular child, loving Music and Archery, and fighting bullies believing that his delicate physique was a signal of weakness. Shortly he bonded with other children of his age after they grew accustomed that his angelic features were nothing to be concerned about. Shortly before the Calamity, when Archibald was 15 years old, Sebastian wanted a family portrait and hired a well recognized painter from the city. When the artist arrived, he got secretly infatuated with Archibald, making sketches of him in his solitude and writing letters that he never sent. Shortly after the Calamity, the painter took his own life, and his daughter found a trunk full of letters addressed to Archibald. Believing that the infatuation with Archibald was the reason of her father's suicide, she planned revenge and planted seeds of mistrust within the Syndicate, making them believe that Sebastian was skimming them while managing their accounts. It didn't take long for the Syndicate to strap some irons on him and sentence him to die. Selene and Sebastian returned to Gridania where she had family and Archibald grew into adulthood in the Black Shroud. He currently is lending his talents as an Archer to a trading company, defending their shipments as they make the trips through the different city states of Eorzea. Caveats: Even when his apparent beauty could be taken as extraordinary by some, he sees it more as a crutch than as a benefit. It also doesn't give him any combat advantage. Character concept abandoned, while easy to write about it, not too easy to provide fun RP with it
  3. Decided to put more time in the Interceptor since last time I posted. Maxed it:
  4. No complaints here, the roadmap establishes Guilds happening in April, if there are no changes:
  5. Got my first Legendary! It took me a while!
  6. I agree, Remnants of Hope, and I think that indeed fits on the theme and lore of the game.
  7. My Ranger and Interceptor are ready for GM1, my Storm is a bit behind, and well haven't done anything with my Colossus lol.
  8. Moonblade_0907 in Origin
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