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  1. until

    @Merliah ill fill any role you need to help my dude @Passiflora!
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday!

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    Happy Birthday, @Cixial!

  5. Happy birthday @Cixial

  6. until

    @Owyn I can’t make tonight, scheduling mess, will be back to normal after this week though. Have fun guys!
  7. I can answer this for you, @Vorn. 100% no. The only people using crystals regularly are sales groups, and they only do it when necessary to make up for the fact they're 7 manning the instance (eats into profits). If you've ever looked at the cost of a sales run and wondered why it cost so much, this is it.
  8. until

    I made the cut! @Owyn
  9. I have a friend I convinced the reinstall the game who has a sentinel. He's in the boosted 70 gear but is a former nim player i raided with for like the last six years. We could always blast some HMs like DF/DP back to back and fill out some gear for our group, he'll get cxp and whatever everyone else doesn't need. He'll probably end up apping under the affiliate program and I'd vouch for him so he could do some HM/nim raiding with us in the future. I can heal/dps to fill the slot to bring him if people are alright with that? His numbers might be low but he knows all the fights, etc. just be a bit rusty. He'll probably end up beating me in dps once he's geared, for reference.
  10. until

    Why am I still on a backup list! That’s my spot dammit! @Owyn edit: Spacewalkers spot that is, we’ll still need a fill for Starlust.
  11. until

    one day i'll make the list
  12. Happy Birthday my dude! 

  13. Happy Birthday! 

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      Thank you cix! ❤️

  14. Happy Birthday mate!