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  1. Okay, so turns out I'm actually a dumb and used the wrong practice dummy for my parse! After working with PWiddy to better understand my build, CP allocation, and how rotations work, my actually current parse is... 25.3k! The ACTUAL screenshot of proof:
  2. Dagger/Bow Warden DPS! I only just passed 400 CP, but I beat up the trial dummy at @PWiddy's house and got 34.9k! Screenshots as proof!
  3. /sign I second @Elisel, and demand we must clear content in style!
  4. OMG I can't believe I forgot to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with RoH! Thank you for such an awesome year everyone! ❤️ 

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    2. Wolf
    3. Telana


      Congrats on the 1 year, @witchbolts!! So happy to have you part of this community ❤️ :) 

    4. Elisel


      Ohhh Happy Anniversary.  And you got to spend it with us in ESO. Braving the wrath of St. Olm's the Just to rez my corpse.  ❤️ :)

  5. @Droghan OMG how do I get my legacy items? I didn't play a whole bunch before the transition, but I might have some stuff on my old characters! You'll just have to come and carry us @Carg!
  6. @Droghan I usually play in the evenings around 5:30pm CDT until around 10:00pm CDT (I have work early in the morning on weekdays). Otherwise, pretty much any time on weekends!
  7. Hiya everyone! I started a cabal for Hopians to join and play together called Legend of Hope! Message @witchbolts through forum PM, on discord (witchbolts#2632), or in-game (witchbolts) with your SWL player name to receive an invite!
  8. I would love to do some monster hunting with you @Droghan! I personally just started playing and have a lvl 15 Dragon faction character! I also started a cabal (guild) for Hopians to join, and I will be making a post about that shortly! I also convinced @Tzunamis to join SWL last night!
  9. I'm witchbolts in Origin too! I'm currently playing on PS4 because my laptop can't handle Anthem LOL
  10. @SilentTheGray @Krafted @Don't Touch I should be able to join again this Friday too! I've been playing on my own a bit to get more survival practice in!
  11. @SilentTheGray I wasn't initially desperate! I was just clicking through the dialogue at the end of the fight and accidentally clicked the option to fight my friends! But then afterward I decided I wanted to fight for it LOL I'm totally not still salty about the dog LOL
  12. This event will be hosted by @T'riss! Join us for some socializing and karaoke fun! Also, please join the karaoke discord that can be found HERE!
  13. I had a lot of fun starving and going insane with you guys last night!
  14. @Krafted Thank you for these awesome guides! I'm gonna try to use these in my own game to get some practice!
  15. @Carg @SilentTheGray @Quaxo Zyrustiner I'm good with whatever time! I'll just set an alarm to be awake in time regardless LOL
  16. @Carg @SilentTheGray @Quaxo Zyrustiner Me too! If we start earlier, then we can play and have some time before WuvWuvWuv and NODES!
  17. @Carg @SilentTheGray @Quaxo Zyrustiner I can to Wednesdays! Preferably after GW2 guild missions tho! Or...let me at least get a couple in before you steal me away!
  18. @Quaxo Zyrustiner @SilentTheGray @Carg I'm free to play tomorrow at 1PM! See you all then!
  19. @Quaxo Zyrustiner I think 1pm (EST) is a good time! Or sometime around that! We usually meet up in one of the TS rooms and coordinate!
  20. @Quaxo Zyrustiner Yeah! We are planning to play on Jan. 5th at...I forgot the time! Remind me @SilentTheGray @Carg! But you are welcome to join us!
  21. @Siscia You should totally still play with @Jaqques! It can be pretty hard to schedule with everyone's crazy busy lives, so we are happy to play with anyone who has the time to join us!

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