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    Hiya everyone! On October 31st at 8pm EST we will be hosting a Halloween Party/Fashion Show at the FC House! Put on your spookiest or cozy fall outfits for judging and have a great time! There will be door prizes, the monthly raffle drawing, and fashion prizes galore! The event will be scheduled for an hour, but people are welcome to hang out longer! If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way, and you can also check out the related forum threads HERE and HERE! - Savvy
  2. OMG Telana! I can't believe that I missed wishing you a happy birthday yesterday! Anyway, I hope you are doing well and your studies are going smoothly! Also, happy belated birthday! ❤️ 🥳

    1. Telana


      Thanks @witchbolts! I sure miss you and really enjoyed chatting with ya the other day. Hope life continues to treat you well! ❤️ 

  3. Thanks for joining the group @Acies! I've been on LOA for a bit, but still check the forums every once in a while! I don't know how active others may still be in the group, but you are welcome to start any discussion threads!
  4. @RoguishZero Those both sound like really fun Halloween events! While I personally haven't been to any in the recent years (I usually spend Halloween at home with friends and scary movies, tasty treats, and good fun), but I spent one season working at a local Halloween haunted maze as scare talent! It was a creepy steampunk maze and I was a half dead steampunk pirate of sorts. My favorite scare was rounding a corner and screaming bloody murder into the faces of these 6'+ basketball players and one of them got so scared that he just collapsed on the ground for a second. (I did stop to make sure he was okay--which he was--but it was one of the most vivid memories from my time there lol). Also, because I spent every weekend screaming for a month and a half, I would spend the rest of the week between sounding like a chain smoker lol
  5. Update: I know own Phasmophobia, Pacify, and Among Us if people are interested in getting groups together!
  6. @RoguishZero No worries on the double post haha! Also, many of those movies on your list are on mine too! And I totally agree with your thoughts on SAW! While there are many sequels, I do enjoy how they are all connected!
  7. What are some of your favorite scary movies? I'm hoping to find some new ones and maybe we could even stream some for people to watch together as Halloween approaches! Some of my personal faves are: - Hush - Veronica - The SAW series - and a bunch of others I can't remember rn I also have a HUGE list of scary movies I want to watch and I find that watching scary movies is always done best when watching together! So please share some of your favorite scary movies or movies you haven't seen yet (but want to) and we can try to get a few scary movie parties going throughout the month of October!
  8. Hiya everyone! I know @Calypso589 recently streamed Layers of Fear for people to enjoy, and it got me thinking what other scary games we could stream or play together! I personally, play Dead by Daylight, and am looking into getting Phasmaphobia and Pacify, which are also multiplayer games for people to enjoy! In my Steam library I also have Amnesia: The Dark Descent, The Evil Within, Left 4 Dead (2), Pathologic 2, and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard! Let us know in this thread what games you would like to watch or play together!
  9. Is the RoH guild still a thing? I'm pretty new to PoE, but am enjoying leveling my ranger! I would appreciate an invite and/or any tips and tricks people might have for the game! My character's name is SaviiMoonshadow by the way!
  10. OMG I can't believe we're already past the halfway point for the month! I hope those that are participating in Nano are having a great time and that everyone is taking care of themselves!
  11. I'm in the same boat @Eskili! My move kinda put a hold on my prep for the month, but I'm planning to watch lots of authortube (writers on youtube) and participate in a lot of writing sprints to work toward hitting my goal of 50k! Also, happy writing everyone!
  12. To answer your question, Nanowrimo is short for "National Novel Writing Month"! It is an organization that helps promote writing, creativity, and productivity through community and events! Technically, the "official" novel writing month is November (where writers of all walks of life attempt to write 50k+ words in 30 days), but Nanowrimo also hosts "Camp Nanowrimo" at different points in the year to keep everyone engaged and motivated to write until November comes back around! The two camps off the top of my head are April and July! If you want to check out their website, you can do so HERE! I'm also happy to answer any other questions you might have @RogueLamb! Also, if anyone wants an invite to the Nanowrimo group I created on their site, just poke me with an @ in this thread or a PM on discord and I will invite you! (I just need your Nanowrimo username to send out the invites!)
  13. Weird...I also use chrome and it works for me. The nano site has been known to have the occasional bug, but I'm glad you got it working on Firefox!
  14. A bit late to the party, but I will be doing Camp Nanowrimo when it comes again this July! I have created a cabin for us under Writers of RoH, in case anyone is interested in joining! Whether you have a serious writing goal or just want to have fun and get some writing/editing in, all are welcome to join! You can check out our cabin page HERE! Just gonna casually tag everyone in the interest group, because I know we've gotten some new peeps in the last few months! (And even if you're not planning to do Nanowrimo, I would still love to hear about any of your current writing projects!) @Stormtree @Helios @ShogunTaira @KalianVan @Mithodris @Nyx @Jae Onasi @MrChavez1234 @Meviken @goodpretender @DaemonNahash @Morgani @Laysa @DreamingofRoses @Dubh'laoch @RogueLamb @Morisabe @QuietlyExisting @Galvanic @ZEE @Obran @Jixara @Eskili @Medusa @hunterhead @Midget Cowboy @Annamika @Acies
  15. This is a great idea @Medusa! Thank you for sharing! It's been ages since I've written any haikus, but here's mine! Fire and fury fall From the maws of serpent foes Beware their shadows
  16. OMG happy birthday!!! I miss seeing you around! 🎉

    1. Don't Touch

      Don't Touch

      Yes Hello this is Hat. I might be around again we'll see. Been mostly playing alot of Overwatch tbh.

  17. Hiya everyone! Anyone working on something fun they want to share?
  18. With all the craziness going on, I totally forgot about Camp Nano starting up! I definitely want to get some writing in and thank you for the reminder!
  19. Those are really cool character cards @Mithodris! What did you use to make them?
  20. Apologies for not updating this sooner, but I hope you all had an awesome Nanowrimo! I personally added a combined total of 62k words to two of my writing project during the month, and I'm really proud of myself! No matter how many words you wrote last month or beyond, the important part is that you're writing! I'm planning to start a draft for a new lgbt/fantasy story that I've been plotting recently and this will likely be my project for the winter! Let me know how your Nanowrimo went and what your plans are going forward!
  21. OMG so many birthdays today! Happy Birthday @SilentTheGray@DaveRoH, @Kabrinsky, and @Tyrtaeus ! 🥳

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