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  1. No worries, honestly I will probably end up making and playing a few characters before committing to one haha n.n
  2. Bit late but -- I am just installing lotro today, hoping it doesn't run like soup on my lil laptop. I would like to be on the notification list! I also would like to know what server everyone is on
  3. Maybe this will help someone. I'm not sure where else to post it.

  4. Sorry, getting screenshots from my Switch is like a whole thing xD
  5. Helios

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  6. Share your Switch friend codes here! Mine is SW-4967-7746-7182 Looking forward to visiting and hosting all of you! Edit: there is, of course, a spreadsheet! Please fill this out!
  7. I'm so excited to see so many people here! I just wanted to say HELLO and thank you for joining. I can't wait to meet all your Resident Representatives, and see what plans everyone has for their island paradises :3 I hope you get your favorite villagers and meet some new favorites along the way. I would like to share some ideas for this group. I am thinking of having a thread for my island, and of course would encourage you to make one for yours! I would also like to have a thread for sharing QR codes, songs, flags, that sort of thing as well. And maybe another for room designs? I DON'T KNOW I'M JUST EXCITED AAAAAAAA Okay I'm back. Anything Animal Crossing related goes! If anyone is still playing the older games or Pocket Camp, those posts are very welcome as well! All of them have unique memories and nostalgia tied to them, probably for a lot of us here! So once again, welcome! I look forward to visiting some beautiful islands soon!
  8. Well I just got laid off whoo

    1. Annamika


      Oh no!  I'm very sorry to hear this =(

      If you need to chat, feel free to hit me up any time.

      hugs (from a distance) and love my friend.

    2. Princess


      That really sucks 😭 Let us know if there's anything we can do to help! Hopefully things start looking up soon

  9. What kind of nose are you going to have? Honestly, I'm a fan of the lil round one, but I might stick with the classic triangle! 87 days until New Leaf!
  10. Life. Is. Happening.

    But at least I got a place to live now 😭

  11. I uhh... should have done a little more planning I'm going to be writing some short stories about my various RP characters over the years. Maybe for funsies I'll try to make them all connect somehow? That should up my word count exponentially ROFL. This month looks like it's going to be very busy for me all of a sudden (figures...) so I'm going to be aiming for 2k+ words a day over the weekend to get a lil headstart... after I finish up some stuff in GW2 lmao... Also @Morgani I've accepted your friend request
  12. The source of this "leak" is from some rando anon on 4chan, so take it with a grain of salt! But I can't help but latch onto any potential ACNH information these days! Reported by GameRant, AC-related highlights from the leak include the following: EVERY villager from EVERY previous AC game will be available. We'll get more information about crafting and multiplayer. When you use an Amiibo card to bring a villager to your town (island), they will bring an exclusive gift. You will be able to upgrade the entire island and have up to 24 villagers total! Here are my thoughts: I don't think I know any villagers that were missing from my games. Like a lot of folks, I have a good chunk of villagers I enjoy, and as long as my Camofrog is there, my town is perfect I'm excited for more information on crafting, I've hoped before that something new would be implemented, something like gardening with fruits/vegetables, and you could then learn recipes and cook favorite dishes for villagers like how they have their favorite kind of coffee! I'm also so glad you can play couch coop, though it does seem a little limited. I remember sitting with my little brother and playing AC on the Gamecube and being so antsy for my turn, I would have loved to run around and help him collect fruit and do errands for the villagers! Amiibo cards I've largely been neutral about, though potentially offering exclusive gifts seems kind of like cash grabby microtransactions to me This part I think I'll save my feelings for until confirmed, because I don't think I'll be too happy about it at all. My initial reaction to being able to upgrade the island was "YEAH" then I thought about having to check in on TWENTY FOUR VILLAGERS EVERY SINGLE DAY and my reaction was more like, "HECK YES I LIVE HERE NOW"... but realistically I'm not sure I would have time to check on everyone? But I usually don't stop villagers from leaving unless they're my absolute favorites, because I really enjoy a changing/evolving town, and it's going to be sooo much easier to put paths in. So that could also be a good thing! Please share your thoughts here
  13. Share your Pocket Camp friend codes here!
  14. Share your New Leaf friend codes here!
  15. How much time until Animal Crossing: New Horizons? I just hope they bring back some of the cute lil holidays, like La-Di-Da Day, tbh.