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  1. I'm laughing uncontrollably at this and I don't know why.



  2. 5qC23lZ.png

    1. Guest


      I heard there was bait here, so I came.

    2. HighOverlordXenu
  3. (Potato camera is potato)

    This may have just taken the top spot for "Nerdiest Article of Clothing I Own"


    1. Guest



  4. GM: "Does a 29 hit your AC?"

    Me: "*BLEEP* you know my AC has been 18 for the last nine levels."

    GM: "I know. I just like hearing the defeat in your voice."

    1. DrukenReaps


      I can neither confirm or deny having this conversation almost weekly XD

    2. Vaelyra


      That is the best thing ever!

  5. So several Remnants and I decided to play an experimental game of Stellaris.

    I've seen enough questionable anime to know where this is going.


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    2. Nova05


      I'm sad I missed it, when I saw you guys on TS I thought you were doing something else, not Stellaris...

    3. HighOverlordXenu


      It was kind of an impromptu game to teach Cedany the ropes.

    4. Nova05


      Ah. Ok, so it was kinda a crash course game then, kind of like my first play through, which was a mess...

  6. I saw this and thought of you. Did you go to the gay nazi wedding?



    1. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      Wait isn’t that like cats and dogs living together and mass hysteria happening? :P

    2. HighOverlordXenu
    3. Stargirl
  7. Seriously thinking of commissioning a portrait of my Pathfinder character, but I know that the moment I do she'll die horribly >_<

  8. Yes, I know what just happened in downtown Charlottesville. I and my family are staying indoors, well away from it. Stay safe everyone.

    1. Stargirl


      Good I was scared when I heard that but then I remembered you said last time you didn't want anything to do with that! I'm glad you're safe!

    2. Dom


      Glad to hear you're safe.


      Let's hope for the best.

      I wish I'm not reincarnated as a human being in my next life....as a punishment. I often feel that our species is one of the dumbest there is.

  9. I want it known that I am NOT a Klan member. Dammit, Littlestar!

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    2. DrukenReaps


      But that is why I voted for you!

    3. Shant


      Let me go full on CNN and just edit your statement a little bit here, Xenu:


       Our journalists managed to get a transcript of the conversation between Xenu and an agent codenamed "Littlestar"  that proves that the High Elder of Remnants of Hope is actually  part of, and may be, the Grand Wizard of the Klan in Washington, DC. Here is the partial transcript:


      "I want it known that i am"... "a Klan member. Dammit, Littlestart"! - HighOverlordXenu, 2017.


       The "anonymous source" provided more context in which Xenu goes at length in the cut part of the transcript where they explain how Xenu rose to power in the Klan and became "the first ever Grand Wizard with an Asian sister".

       Thank you very much for watching this special report, i am Chris Cuomo, from CNN in Washington DC.

    4. HighOverlordXenu
  10. Did you go to the KKK rally this weekend?

    1. HighOverlordXenu


      Do I look like a sheet-wearing crybaby to you?

      Did I go to the counter-protest? No. Honestly I forgot it was happening. I was busy practicing for the NOVA Open.

    2. Stargirl


      Oh I saw it on the nightly news that the counter protest was bigger than the protest I was just looking at your profile and saw you lived there and was like "oh that would be awesome" if I lived there I would have gone and probably counter protested I can't stand racism 

      Plus I can't stop laughing bc just that first question is going to show up on the feed on the right hand side of the page I'm literally crying laughing

    3. Squeeks



      Plus I can't stop laughing bc just that first question is going to show up on the feed on the right hand side of the page I'm literally crying laughing

      This ^^

  11. Fiancé and stepdaughter are going to be in New Jersey for three days starting tomorrow. I'll have the place to myself. What to do...

    1. Stargirl
    2. HighOverlordXenu



    3. Stargirl


      Ok I tried but that would be awesome for your fiancé and you could turn that into a favor later and you'd have a clean house which would make her so happy and it wouldn't take all day. Just saying. 

  12. I just want you to know: the GIF in your signature makes me feel very confused.


    1. BlazeBloodLily


      XD I think she gets sexy as a werewolf. She has that feral charm and sass.

    2. Stargirl


      I don't see a pic