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  1. RhemaTom


    I've been playing Conan Exiles mostly. But still want to come back to FO76. I wonder if they got some good fixes in now. Going to check that out. : )
  2. RhemaTom

    Where are you now?

    Hey all, I thought it might be interesting to share where you are in the game, perhaps a snapshot of your base, and how you are enjoying the game so far. While I had taken a bit of a break, I plan to start up again soon. I reached level 38 and reported my progress in the thread "Progress" linked below. So where are you at now, and what are your thoughts on Fallout 76?
  3. RhemaTom


    I've logged in a few times in the past weeks, only to discover I can't find enough lead to make more ammo. And the enemies I'm facing are taking a lot of my ammo at this level. It's been a bit disappointing that lead is so scarce that others can farm it before you can find any. I'm hoping today's patch might correct that, or that the rush of players for the holidays has slackened enough that I can finally get some lead. lol
  4. RhemaTom

    A found Farewell....

    Very sorry to hear this. I'd hoped things would get settled. I fully understand.
  5. RhemaTom


    I haven't been playing much the past few days. I've nearly run out of ammo, and finding lead has become increasingly difficult. Seems everyone is farming the lead resources so much, there is none left. At level 38, I'm being forced back to being a melee character due to lack of ammo. Not sure if that is due to more crowded servers, or just an oversight on Bethesda's part. Going to take a break and see what they do in the next patch or two. I did finally get full Excavator Power Armor (+100 carry weight). Just not able to find enough needed resources for ammo any longer. That is, lead. Plenty of steel and gunpowder.
  6. RhemaTom

    Crystal Data Center

    Thanks for the link. Those are some nice incentives. However, I'm not sure where that leaves me. Is Mateus a crowded server? Will it be free to transfer characters from Mateus? As I noted, I paid to transfer three of my main characters to Mateus just for the RoH group gathering there. I have no contacts or anything holding me to any other servers. I'm just concerned about needing to pay to move again, or having to start all new characters. It took me many hours to get my characters to their current level. Just tossing that time to the wind would not be worth any incentive. Of course, if I can move free, that would not be a problem. I guess it all depends on where the FC ends up, and when. For now, I've cancelled my subscription to FFXIV as I have no intention of playing outside of with people I already know, meaning RoH gaming family.
  7. RhemaTom

    Crystal Data Center

    I will only add this. I have not read all four pages of this thread, so I'm not sure if my point of view is actually covered well, but I will voice it here. I paid $18 to move characters to Mateus for the express purpose of joining in FFXIV with other RoH members. I have not been active of late, due to the holidays and finishing out other things I already had going in other games. I had been planning to start joining in more on FFXIV and had been hoping you might actually reach new division status. All that said, if you are moving to yet another server, that will kill any aspirations I may have, as I'm not going to move again or start over again. Also, the way this thread seems to have gone doesn't seem very inviting to someone new to your group, though I am not new to FFXIV. I hope this gets settled and also hope that moving is not going to be a problem I must choose from. I hope all works out, but at this point, it doesn't seem I will be able to join in as I'd hoped.
  8. RhemaTom

    Player Names in FO76

    I'll keep an eye out for you. Also, if you see me in game, just send a message on the forums here. I'm usually logged in to the forums when playing. I should be playing most all day tomorrow. lol
  9. I had been having many game freezes, which led to a Crash-to-Desktop. Also, many server disconnects. After reading some forum posts at Bethesda, I made exceptions for both the game client and the launcher in Windows Defender, and for my Firewall. That seemed to help, but not a lot. However, I found that setting the CPU Priority to a higher level seemed to really help. I am using a software program called Process Lasso (there is a free version) that enables me to set the priority for Fallout 76 to High when it loads. I have played all day now without any freezes, crashes, or disconnects. This leads me to believe that alt-tabbing to other windows while in-game may be the cause of my problems. But setting the CPU Priority to High has, as far as I can tell, resolved that for me. So, passing that info along in case it may help someone else. You can find out more about Process Lasso at https://bitsum.com Disclaimer: This program is not for the casual user, so unless you know what you're doing, I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone. That said, if you install it, you can follow these steps to setup Fallout 76 to assume a High Priority upon loading. 1) Start Fallout 76 so that you are on the initial login screen (Play/Character/Atomic Shop/Social). 2) Open the Process Lasso main window (it generally will run in the background, look on the taskbar processes for it). 3) Find Fallout 76 in the list of processes running on your computer, the right click on it. 4) Select "Set Watchdog advance rules..." from the menu that pops up. 5) Enter these settings: Process Name to Monitor: Fallout76.exe for: CPU (unlabled) 1% for 1 second then: Set CPU Priority 6) Click Create New Watchdog Process Rule 7) Close Process Lasso window (it runs in the background on the taskbar). That's it. Now, when you start Fallout 76, it will automatically be set to High Priority with the CPU, even when running behind other windows, or when tabbed out to other windows.
  10. RhemaTom

    Almost lvl 10 (Progress) Group?

    Yep, they fixed that and the explosive weapon bug. My shotgun is doing much better damage now.
  11. RhemaTom

    Planned Teamup

    I will be playing tomorrow afternoon, as well as Sunday afternoon if anyone wants to join me.
  12. RhemaTom

    Planned Teamup

    So, last Sunday kind of fell through due to Real Life, which is understandable, but maybe we can set up another time? I've been playing quite a bit, but mostly during the daytime. I do have some evenings free, usually on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Also some Saturday evening and Sunday afternoons. My main character is level 30, but I also have a level 8 and will be happy to use either to group up with anyone. Also, what do you all think of a trading section for this Interest Group, where we can offer trades for items. I hate just tossing things away because I can't sell them to a vendor. Thoughts?
  13. RhemaTom

    Fallout 76 Information

    New update for PC players. https://fallout.bethesda.net/article/1EDxoSmqFye0QYa2GyQw2u/fallout-76-patch-notes-december-11-2018 Console users will be updated on December 13, 2018. Some nice things listed here. Hope they work as described. Going in to find out now.
  14. RhemaTom

    Planned Teamup

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope you get better soon.
  15. RhemaTom

    Planned Teamup

    I will have a TS channel created for Fallout 76 tomorrow. Using TS is much better than using FO76 voice chat. I should be in game before the appointed time. Also, I can help anyone out with basic needs or weapons for those starting out. Just FYI, team members can be of any level. The game adjusts everyone's damage and resistances to fit, so it is not like you will be overmatched. Michael Ex and I took on some pretty strong super mutants, and did really well.

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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