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  1. Kushluk Shimazu

    Karaoke - Two Bards One Mic Special

    Come one, come all to sing, listen and be of good cheer together this night! During this special Karaoke night, Laysa comes down to the Den of Kush in Texas to give listeners a number of songs sung together to spite the infamy that is Teamspeak lag!~ Anyone from any division of the Remnants of Hope is welcome to attend. Looking forward to seeing you
  2. Kushluk Shimazu

    [SWTOR] - The Slayers


    Wait a second, okay I need to request a change, my bad @Merliah, but I cannot fulfill the role of healer. Could you please put me down as a DPS (ranged with Dagnar ... yes I have a merc version of him ) or as my Tank Osaldin EDIT: I prefer DPS, but if need be I'll tank.
  3. Kushluk Shimazu

    [SWTOR] - The Slayers


    A) If you did not before my message then WOO HOO!!~ B) If you did, then I am just a derp, and do not mind me derping along XD
  4. Kushluk Shimazu

    [SWTOR] - The Slayers


    Also, if need be I could always check to see if Laysa could join us if we need the numbers. I am aware that guild members come first, but I am merely putting the option up if needed.
  5. Kushluk Shimazu

    Tabletop Games you play

    Well I figured since me and my best bud play every weekend, I'd list off the games we played over the years for shiggles 1. Age of War, a dirt simple dice game that is great even for just two people to play. Setting is the Sengoku period of Japan where you try to claim via dice territories. Each color (clan) can be locked down if you get all of that color, but your foe can steal your land too! Really fun game as you curse the dice gods for abandoning you 2. Star Realms, a deck building game that my father introduced to me, that is hands down one of the best, if not the best, science fiction card games I have ever played/ Easy to learn, hard to master, and just great fun to play. The game has several expansions that add more to the game, some great, others a bit iffy, but the base game is solid and worth picking up. Also the base game is less than 20 bucks and it comes with the cards needed for two people to play, a great edition I love for those of us being a bit frugal 3. Castle Panic, a cooperative game where you try to survive the Orcish hordes that come to storm your castle. Work with your pals to survive, or die trying The number of games I've seen go south due to bad card draw is uncountable. A great game for you and your buds to work together to try and survive the onslaught. Worth every cent!~ Anyways hope you guys like the games, and feel free to comment on them, ask questions or bring up what you play on the side!~
  6. Kushluk Shimazu

    What non-mmo are you currently playing?

    Well figured I'd spot in with my games that I play nowadays. Though I play alot of SWTOR, I do play Battlefield 1 on my Xbox One, I love the Operations mode where it's just this gigantic chaotic battlefield I can hurl myself into to cause as much damage as I can. Just getting lost in the scale of the land, sea, and air combat, is just a pure joy to play On steam though, since my rig is not the best, I settle for my strategy games like Stellaris, Civ 5, and Ultimate General Civil War. But for a quick flash game I love Shellshock Live, Faster then Light and Into the Breach, along with The Darkest Dungeon. Soon my partner will be getting me into Stardew Valley, since now you can play that co-op apparently >.> But yeah, that's me on my end
  7. Kushluk Shimazu

    Remnants of Hope: Rules and Regulations

    /sign - Kushluk Shimazu

Congratulations to Marjevante, Icarus & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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