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  1. Happy Birthday! How cool our birthdays are so close! lol I hope it is a fantastic and enjoyable day!

  2. Happy birthday Lyrazel! I miss playing ESO with you! Hope all is well!

  3. I've been a bit out of touch and away, but happy birthday Elisel. I hope it was a great one.

    1. Elisel


      Thank you!!! Yes it was.  And I MISSSSS YOU!

  4. Happy birthday my friend! I hope it has been a fun and enjoyable one for you!

    1. Sim the Ineluctable

      Sim the Ineluctable

      I hope all is well with you, my friend.  I've had a great day!  :D  

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Kingston


      Thanks Koro, hope your well :)

  6. Happy birthday to the best wife in the world. Love ya sweetie! :)

  7. Happy Birthday Lyrazel! Miss you tons around here, hope you find the opportunity to come chat with us sometime soon! *hugs*

  8. Koro

    Happy Birthday Veron!

  9. Happy Birthday!!! :D

  10. Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Oh my goodness! Happy Birthday @Kateywumpus! May it be a great one!

  13. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! Ya'll are way too nice to me.

    1. Elisel


      You are awesome Koro!!

  14. Koro

    Happy Birthday Zang! Hope its been a great one!

  15. Happy Birthday MadZod! Miss seeing you around, but hope it was a great day!

  16. Happy Birthday my old friend! I hope it was a great one!

  17. Happy Birthday my friend! I do hope you have some time to enjoy yourself and celebrate!

    1. ShellFlare


      planning on it, and i'll probably be online later on tonight too!

  18. Happy Birthday Esong my friend! I hope its a great day!

  19. Happy Birthday my good friend! I hope its been wonderful!

    1. Sim the Ineluctable

      Sim the Ineluctable

      Yup  :D.  And thanks! 


  20. Happy birthday Siscia! Hope its been a great one!

  21. So @Ellenore (Tam) painted this for me as a Father's Day present! I'm super stoked and thought I'd share it with you guys! Its a 2 ft X 4 ft canvas, and I hung it above our bed. :D Arizona sunsets are the best!


    My Painting!.jpg



  22. Happy Birthday Keiran!