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  1. Come show & share game-inspired food & drink creations!
  2. Skaal (he/him)

    Among Us!

    Come kill or be killed--in space!
  3. Skaal (he/him)


    Come sing, enjoy, or just hang out!
  4. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Community Meeting, to be followed by a Town Hall about planning a 2022 meetup!
  5. Skaal (he/him)

    Pet show

    Join your guildies for a show of RL and in-game pets!
  6. Skaal (he/him)

    Women Samurai

    @Triss will be hosting a community event on the Forgotten History of Women Samurai!
  7. Skaal (he/him)


    Come and sing your heart out, or just watch and enjoy!
  8. until
    Starting at 8 PM Eastern on Feb. 26, we will stream the great film Hidden Figures, about the African American women who helped launch the US space program and the rise of computers.
  9. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Join all your guildies to hear about other Divisions and the community as a whole!
  10. Skaal (he/him)

    Fashion Show!

    fashion is the true endgame
  11. How long can he go? Calypso will be streaming a Bioshock playthrough to raise money for the guild!
  12. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    To be followed by FF XIV Announcement watch party!
  13. Skaal (he/him)

    World Bosses


    I am going to try to come tomorrow but I am only level 52, so I really don't count lol
  14. Skaal (he/him)

    Community event

    Community event sponsored by GW2
  15. Skaal (he/him)

    Art & Music Night

    Share your talents with your friends in RoH! Any medium or format; 5 minute limit.