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  1. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    To be followed by FF XIV Announcement watch party!
  2. Skaal (he/him)

    World Bosses


    I am going to try to come tomorrow but I am only level 52, so I really don't count lol
  3. Skaal (he/him)

    Community event

    Community event sponsored by GW2
  4. Share your talents with your friends in RoH! Any medium or format; 5 minute limit.
  5. until
    For more information see
  6. Come hang in #Social and stream your Night City adventures!
  7. Skaal (he/him)

    Tier 3 Trials

    CP 400 required.
  8. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Come see what's happening in the community!
  9. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Come check out what's going on in the community!
  10. Skaal (he/him)

    Community event

    Sponsored by WoW
  11. Skaal (he/him)

    Tour of Homes

  12. Skaal (he/him)


    Come sing your favorite songs, or just enjoy the attempts of others!
  13. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Come meet your fellow Hopians and hear about the other Divisions!
  14. My friend's 15-year-old kid just published their first book! I just ordered my copy, so I can't say yet if it is any good. I'll check back in after I have read it.
  15. until
    Join the whole community as our beloved Azilori passes the torch to their successor! Will take place in the GW2 Guild Hall as well as streamed in Community Hall on Discord.