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Status Updates posted by Tyrtaeus

  1. Happy Birthday, my dude!


  2. Thank you for all of the awesome love on my birthday!

    1. Rykyn


      Happy birthday Ty.  I hope you had a great day.

  3. Happy Birthday Jaan my man!

  4. Happy Birthday Empress!

  5. Happy Birthday you beautiful, old, fart!

    1. Sayuri


      Happy Birthday Passi! Miss your face! :) 

    2. Passiflora


      Awww.  I miss you guys too.  Thanks for the birthday wishes.  Much love to both.

  6. Love you Tallon. I am here for you. We can mourn together because this part of life isn't easy. It hits you like waves on the ocean in a storm. At first you get no rest as the waves come quickly. But eventually, they come farther apart. It's been a week since my dad passed. The longest week of my life. I've learned in this eternity long week that you never truly heal, you learn to live with the scars. Scars are testimonies of pain that you have survived. It never gets easier, but you learn to live with the pain and the scars with pride remembering their joy of life instead of the anguish of these times.

    1. Tallon


      Thank you Tyr.  Yeah I keep thinking about all the things I will miss sharing with him and just fill that spot with memories of all the things I did share with him.  Right now I just try to stay sane for my Mom who is taking it hard.  The first year is hardest as each holiday seems to bring a pain of someone missing.  Or memories of past times shared.  I am here anytime you want to talk.     

    2. Chapmonious


      I love you both! please let me know if there is anyway i can help? even just an ear! 

  7. Happy Birthday Tip!


  9. Happy Birthday Chap!!


  11. Happy Birthday Pookz!! Miss you!

  12. Happy Birthday Exo!!!

    1. Exoniensis


      Tyr! Thanks :D *dances* *actually no.. I´m wathinc X-files on netflix* :D

  13. Happy Birthday Coombs!

  14. Tyrtaeus


    1. Guest


      Thank you Tyr!! :D 

    2. Tyrtaeus
  15. Happy Birthday Rayden!!!!!! I hope you have a great day killing stuff in whatever game you're playing!

  16. Happy Birthday Avatar buddy!!

    1. Reylin


      Thank you!!! :D 

      Happy Valentines Day from your Avatar buddy :) 


  17. Tyrtaeus

    Happy Birthday Godbird!!!

  18. Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes! It really made me feel special! Especially Saal, who told me 4 different times :P

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    2. Saal


      I told you twice. Once via text and once on the forums with a meme, as is only proper.

    3. Tyrtaeus


      Didn't you tell me on facebook too? lol

    4. Saal


      Maybe? I uninstalled it from my phone so I don't use it much these days. Lately my facebook happy birthday wishes are belated. Lol

  19. Dulfy's min/maxing guide for sentinel is the most confusingly written thing ever. 

  20. Why is there no priority transport to Odessen?...

    1. Guest


      There is, actually. Under the Legacy Unlocks Character Perks tab.

      Also, if you don't want to drop the 200k on it, you can just go to your Alerts/Crew window, go down to your Alliance commanders and hit the "Travel to Contact" button. puts you in that same room with them and it's totally free.

    2. Asra


      Because you can just go into your companions and contacts and then travel to any of the contacts that are on Odessa. M1-4X is my favorite, because he is right next to the heroic missions terminal once you get him with 20 pvp matches or 40 valor rating.

    3. Tyrtaeus


      I found that out right before I logged last night hahaha I think there should still be a priority transport choice on the terminal but this works too haha

  21. It's official; I've retired the crown.

    1. Saal


      If you're referring to that gawful golden bucket you've been toting around on your Guardian, all I can say is that it's about time. :P

    2. Tyrtaeus


      ou know you're just jelly man lol

  22. So I passed the State Insurance exam and am now licensed to sell insurance in North Carolina. I will soon be starting my career with Aflac and have much more time to game and hunt down guildies--- er, I mean hunt down dinos with guildies >:D

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    2. Guest


      Congrats! ^^

    3. Tyrtaeus


      Thanks guys :D I signed the appointment forms today!

    4. Guest


      Grats hope everything works out for you. Heard that business can be hard.

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