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  1. I always felt like I died too easily as a biotic or mage. Never been much of one for the super squishy classes. I like to have some leeway lol. Did you play ME: Andromeda?
  2. Hey @NorthHorizon! Welcome to the forums. One of the recruitment assistants or the recruitment officer should be by soon to give you an update on your status and fill you in on the process. In the meantime, I see you really enjoyed Mass Effect and Dragon Age. What were you favorite entries in those series and what classes did you enjoy the most? For me it was ME:2 and DA:O. I most enjoyed playing Vanguard and Warrior respectively. Edit: Well look at that. Chelly got to you a split second before I did
  3. Hey @elmer3000. Welcome to the forums! What attracts you to the Neolithic era? Beat of luck on your application Grin
  4. Hey @Tuuo! Welcome to the forums I 100% feel you on wanting to relive that 90’s pokemon craze. I was in middle school at the time so I was in the thick of it! In addition to addictively playing red, blue, and yellow my dad and I played in the pokemon TCG tournaments every Sunday. Man what a great time that was. I got to feed a little bit of that nostalgia recently between Detective Pikachu and the Let’s Go games on Switch. I’ve also get red and blue on my 3DS. Anyways, welcome again and best of luck on your application! Grin
  5. Here’s a video of one of my squat sets from today’s session. 5x5 at 415#
  6. I’m not much of a runner (done a few 5ks but they feel like death for me ) but I do lift 4 days a week. I have a powerlifting coach who does all my programming, including nutrition. I’m currently on week 3 of my 12 week meet prep, culminating in my first meet on 3/21!