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  1. LMKurosu Incendius I Dont remember Ive been playing swtor tbh but Alliance
  2. Sad, Thats the server me and Fluff were considering to be our Horde Realm since we rolled ally on Incendius
  3. Im not playing on not a PVP server myself, It removes all of the Fun of the Classic Experience and Im also Already level 25 so me starting over anywhere is.... Well Im level 25 you do the math haha
  4. Incendius here for me and @EuphoricFluff
  5. @LMKurosu, I have not started any Dungeons for GW2 and was wondering if I could join tonight's run or since I would be in story mode if that would mess up the normal Monday activity?

  6. Just over two more weeks until I start work, about a month until I get paid. I cant wait to be able to actually have control over my depression again :x

    1. Ezoura


      That’s great! I know having a job that forces me to get out of bed and do something helped me more than months in therapy. I hope you are able to overcome it!

  7. Boom I have good news this time :3
    Guess who works at Amazon again ;3

    1. Elisel


      Awesome news!!!

    2. Jae Onasi
  8. #GotOutOfTheMotel #ButGotFiredForStandingUpToABully #OneStepForward12Back


    Love yall

    1. crosius


      It may be frustrating to go one step forward and two steps back, but at least you're still walking!

  9. We are out of the Motel #ProgressObtained

    1. Elisel


      Wonderful news LMK!!!

  10. I'm so tired :x


    And I don't mean in need of sleep.

  11. So it looks like we arent going to be getting out of this Motel until Tax Time. Trying to stay positive, because progress IS being made albeit VERY SLOWLY.

    1. Elisel


      Aww, so sorry to hear LMK.  Hoping continues to progress, and you are well.  You are missed!!

  12. We've finally been able to save a little bit. Going slowly but progress is being made to get out of this Motel Room :x