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  1. Gefeliciteerd!

  2. It looked like Scya had him all the way on the outside edge so even if it was at 6, she'd never have her back to Revan. Probably a good strat.
  3. Happy birthday, Lovi and Ariel!

  4. Happy birthday, Teddy!

  5. Good game, Titans, but go Pats!

  6. Happy birthday, Haloa!

  7. Happy birthday to Dymboo (@Dymlos) and @Neo!

    1. Neo


      Thanks, Tyrlo! :D 


      Or you can say "Happy Birthday to 2/3 of the PvE Department!" :P 



    2. Dymlos


      Thank you a lot @Tyrlo!!!


      It's been a very fun day so far :laugh:

  8. Happy birthday, Jaan!

  9. Lots of birthdays today!

    Happy birthday, @Kielithos, @Rykder, @terrygrimrson, @Thadiara, and @TheProTaco!

  10. Happy birthday, Shellra!

  11. Tyrlo

    Happy birthday, Gagi!

  12. Happy birthday, Strom!

  13. Clearly very excited with the triple status. Grats Chap!

  14. Happy birthday, Aravail! Miss you, buddy.

    1. Aravail


      Miss you too Tyrlo - hope everything is going well!

  15. Happy birthday, Katalaw!  Aren't you just precious :P

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