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  1. Hi Remnants! I'BACK... well not really. Only for around 4 more hours after writting this and 8-9 hours tommorrow. 
    *i'm sad, that I won't be able to say 'hi' in TS, when most of you online* 
    Tough not being around the family, but I'm keep going. I'm in topographic troops from this day and going to be the rest of service (one more week and it'll be full month in the military). At least serving not far from home, but I have no idea when and for long I'll be released again. If everything fine, it's gonna be once a month. I hope you all doing well and SWTOR won't close during my time of service. 9.6

    1. Triss


      I am glad you made it through and miss you! Hang in there man!

    2. Hippy


      Good to hear from you hellary! I hope everyting continues to be awesome. 

      Everyone misses you and your funny pictures.

      Have fun! We will all be here when you get back. 

    3. Vorn


      Be well, stay safe, looking forward to when your national service is complete and we can see you more often!!!

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