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  1. Darnavian

    Crafting Workshop

    The Social Hour this week is a special event where we will be hosting a Crafting Workshop. More details can be found at the official post.
  2. Happy Birthday @Darnavian!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  4. Happy birthday @Darnavian! May this be your best day and year ever!

  5. Darnavian

    ESO Auction

    OMG -- IT'S AUCTION TIME -- OMG It’s been a long time since our last auction, I can’t even remember the last one… year ago, decades even! It was very successful though, so we're bringing it back!!! Our banks are full of stuff that we just have to give away to the highest bidder. Come one and all next Tuesday night at 8:00 pm EST and join us in TeamSpeak for this amazing event. Event Order of Operations The day before the auction, the crafting team will assemble the list of lots for auction, and post them on the forums. Listings will include the items, item count and a suggested opening bid. Just before the event starts, I will create a sub-channel for the auction in TeamSpeak, and then announce that the auction will begin shortly. At the same time, one of my amazing crafting assistants will announce that the auction will begin shortly in guild chat and add people to the auction group. The auction will start -- horns will sound, white doves will fly, elephants will trumpet, etc... I will announce each lot verbally with the starting bid and then open the floor for bids. When each lot is announced on TeamSpeak, an assistant will link the item(s) in group chat (if possible) for everyone participating to view and discuss. Bids are to be declared verbally over TeamSpeak but in the event of people talking over one another, this can be done in the TeamSpeak chat. Once a winning bid is determined, the winner will be asked to confirm their account name and put their gold in the guild bank. When the event assistant has confirmed that the gold was placed into the bank (using the bank log) they will mail the items to the winner. (NOTE: Please allow up to 24 hours for us to mail the items to you) At the end of the event, the forum post will be updated with the winners and total amount of gold raised for the guild. Important Details Everyone is encouraged to participate! That means trial members are welcome too The tracking spreadsheet will be available to the division leadership to ensure complete transparency. Those leading the event (myself and at least 1 crafting assistant) cannot participate in bidding. This is to prevent the image of impropriety and keep everything fair. We don't expect this event to take the full hour, but just in case, we scheduled it that way to give us some breathing room.
  6. Hello Darnavian.  I love the Avatar.  I am a trial member.  I was looking to see if I could get an extension to get all of my requirements done.  I have a pretty intense schedule between home and work and will do my best to get things done.  It will take some time to get in game playing etc done.  I just hope not to get booted for being unable to get it done quick enough.


    Take care,



  7. Happy birthday!!! Wish you all the happiness! :D 

    1. Darnavian


      Thanks @Felipe  Sorry I didn't make PvP tonight... I was out watching Solo with @Daizey

    2. Daizey


      It was sooo good! :)

  8. Happy birthday! May this be your best day and year ever.

  9. happy birthday feliz cumpleanos GIF by Birthday Bot

    Happy Birthday, @Darnavian!



  10. Happy Birthday @Darnavian!!!  Glad you and Daizey joined us. 

    1. Darnavian


      Thanks for the bday wishes.  I'm soo happy that we did join up with RoH.  It's been an amazing ride so far. 

  11. Happy bday Koro.. May this year bring you more of everything you want and deserve :)

    1. Koro


      Thanks Tronk, I appreciate that!