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    DEATH by DAYLIGHT -Progression Spreadsheet- Hello, fellow seekers of misery, chaos, and glory! I come before you today to introduce the Progression Spreadsheet, which can be found in the link above. This spreadsheet will be used by the Raiders of DBDL to track raid-ready toons. This spreadsheet will be especially helpful when figuring out raid compositions for our weekly three-hour descent into progressive madness that is scheduled for every Saturday at 2PM EST. We are going back to our traditional signup method for determining weekly raid rosters. Once the raid for that week is posted, raiders will be able to sign up on the thread itself, listing their "raid-ready" toons as appropriate. Since we have more raiders than slots available, we will adopt a similar "Bump/Protected" system that is used by the PvE Department to keep things as fair as possible. So how will event scheduling work for DbDL? Players will follow the above link to the spreadsheet, find their name and input their character information and gear into the appropriate columns. Please note, there are only TWO character rows available per player. This is intentional, as we want you to be bring your most experienced, optimized and progression-ready characters that meet our stringent tank, healer and DPS requirements. This will also ensure character/role proficiency for players to maximize raid performance. NOTE: Since there are far more DPS slots available for any given raid than the other two roles, we would highly recommend listing a progression-ready DPS character to act as a reliable alternate. If you only list Tank and/or Healer as your available roles, you will have a higher chance of getting rotated out week to week, depending on availability and necessary group composition. Also, the nontraditional "support" role will not be included in the list of roles since what constitutes as support may vary from situation to situation. The need of a "support" role will be determined and assigned on a case-by-case basis. Once the raid post has been made for the upcoming week, raiders will be able to sign up on the thread itself, listing their "raid-ready" toons as appropriate. When composing groups week to week, we will try our best to accommodate EVERYONE that is willing, raid-ready and available. Please remember that progression raiding has its many nuances and intricacies, which will sometimes necessitate the best possible group composition. This will inherently give us the best chance for success, depending on the trial and its varying factors and mechanics. If you are not scheduled, keep in mind that there are many opportunities within the amazing ESO PvE Department to acquire gear, stay sharp, continue to practice and gain experience in Trial content. Note: We do review and discuss player/role vetting internally and WILL make adjustments to our stringent tank, healer and DPS requirements as needed. It will also be your responsibility to keep your character information (stats, gear, etc) updated on a weekly basis. Failure to do so may hinder your participation in future DbDL runs. Thanks! If you have any questions, please let us know! Tags:
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    I love Star Wars Theory, and this video is a good recent topic on some events we all may know
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    MDPS FTD!!!!
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    Happy Birthday *hugs* I hope it is great
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    Happy Birthday, Eli. Hope your day is filled with lots of fun!!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Elisel!!! I hope your day is even half as amazing as you are!
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    Happy birthday, Eli! May this be your best day and year ever!
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    Happy Birthday @Elisel and @Robert the Bob!!!! May your day be awesome!!!
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    Happy Birthday Eli! Hope it's a great one!
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