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  1. so sorry, not sure how (or where) to respond. 

    Can you help?


    1. Elisel


      Hey there, sure I will try and help :)  If you are asking where to respond to my post in your application thread, you can just reply in your app thread.  I'll be around the forums for a bit before running errands and then back tonight.  Congrats on your acceptance as a trial btw.  I think you will enjoy RoH!

    2. cappy329


      thank you for taking a moment for me...

      I am not sure of what I am to do.  An officer named blu I think told me I should be on at reset 

      and do the mission that the guild chooses.  Is that my next step in joining Hope? if so will do. :)

      I will be there at reset which is based on EST right?  Anyway, so sorry to trouble you with my difficulty.

      I hope to be worth your trouble :)


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