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  1. Look at you, back in your big boy pants ❤️


    Much love, buddy. Glad you went for EC!

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    2. Elisel


      Wouldn't it be awesome if Tyrlo jumped into ESO with us Ty? The two Tys together on the battlefield!  Would be amazeballs!

    3. Tyrlo


      The world couldn't handle the true Ty and Ty#2 in the same game. We all know who's who.

    4. Tyrtaeus


      I will always be Prime Ty >:D 

  2. Happy birthday, Witchy :)

    1. witchbolts


      Thank you @Tyrlo! I hope you're doing well! 😄

  3. Happy birthday, Kage!

  4. Happy birthday, Rey :) 

  5. Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy!


    excited hooray GIF

  6. Happiest of birthdays, @Sim the Ineluctable!

    1. Sim the Ineluctable

      Sim the Ineluctable

      Thanks for your help this year, Tyrlo.  :)


  7. Happy birthday! Look how many people love you :D 

  8. Happy birthday, Katatalaw! I love you ❤️

  9. Happy birthday, Orig!

  10. Almost missed it! Happy birthday, Chap :) 

    1. Chapmonious


      Thank you Tyrlo! loves! ❤️ 

  11. Happy birthdayyyyyyyyy!

  12. @Halindar and @T'rissanna'niss, the happiest of birthdays to you both!

  13. Tyrlo

    Happy birthday, @Saal!

  14. Happy birthday, Squeekie!

  15. Happy birthday, Kiamei!

  16. Happy birthday, man!

  17. Gefeliciteerd!

  18. Happy birthday, Lovi and Ariel!

  19. Happy birthday, Teddy!

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