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  1. Hi everyone!


    While in this group, I am not EC Dave. I'm just regular Dave, because RoH declared WoW classic to be its own game outside of the RoH community.


    I've found a great group of people to play with, and we're on the Skeram PvP server, east coast time zone. The GM of that guild has a good head on his shoulders, and he's connected to the other guilds in the community. He recognizes that many of us aren't as young as we were 15 years ago, and so the expectations in the game have changed.

    Of course, you don't have to do anything to join that. Please forge your own path and enjoy classic in whatever way you feel best! But if you want to play with a familiar face, say something and I'll leave their Discord link for you to check out (or directly invite you into the guild should you roll on Skeram).


  2. As further clarification, this is one of our stepping stones to blend an event between PvE and PvP. Although its technically two separate events, @DigitalMonk came up with a great plan to make incorporate both style of events! The event will be mainly on Monday, but @DigitalMonk were we planning on doing this on a PvP day as well?


    The Dungeon Mayhem component will just be all other Dungeon Mayhems...we'll build Veteran groups first and then normal groups. BUUUUUUT I think we classify White Gold Tower as an "End Times" dungeon, so unless anyone is really adventurous, it will likely be a series of normal-level WGTs.


    Tagging all of PvE to be part of this:



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  3. tree fiddy. Wha' u say 'bout my tree fiddy. 


    I'm still on board with the suggested amount! 


    I do move that PvE gets half of it for our own...purposes...seeing as its dungeons, which fall under PvE. Just kidding. No really, just kidding.

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  4. I support this idea, and I would love to have PvE help however we can. 


    I believe in low-limits right now as a "testing" system so that none of us are particularly strapped hard for cash. As @Daizey points out, there are always people who go really crazy in certain events. I can see someone running Fungral Grotto I 10 times in an hour.


    Not to "steal the thread", but this also funnels into a separate idea I had for a charity fundraiser called "Extra Life". That's in November, and I think much of what we establish here can be translated to that fundraiser.



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