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    I want to personally thank everyone that has been contributing to the community in the past 24 hours. I can promise you that everybody that has been working around the clock today is unfathomably thankful for your understanding and support. This is just a road bump and our car may have gotten a bit dinged in the process, but it's still chugging along
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    So, I wanted to update my people, and realized that "my people" are spread all over the community and this is the best place to do it. Feels a bit public, but oh well. My availability has been very on-again, off-again the past two months. This isn't really the way I envisioned the end of 2018. I've spent weeks out of town, came back home, left again, came back, had my mom staying in our house for a week, holiday activities and prep, hard conversations with family, plus just seeking some peace for myself in the midst of everything. I haven't been in-game (in any game) as much as I wish I could be. And even when I am, there are times I'm quieter than my usual self and I know some folks have noticed. I'm still here, I'm still working on being okay, and some days are better than others. But being part of this community and supporting our divisions and members while building friendships and having lots of laughs together is so important to me. I can't begin to describe how much I appreciate the fact that RoH exists and that I have such great friends here. You guys are amazing. Thanks for being patient with me as I work through tough times.
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    You know, at first I wanted to write a very sad status update about how I feel and with 'hints' on what's the problem might be --- but no. That won't help. What I really want to say to myself and to anyone who has a lot of bad stuff coming at you in life - you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. You will get thru. And I hope, with all my emotion filled heart, you will always find your moment of happy. ~ Hellary ^-^ ~
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    Ive been away for a while and have been super busy. For those wondering. I got married to the love of my life. Moving south in Japan and still working just as hard. Playing with a long time group of friends and trying to enjoy my time off while I can. If you ever want to contact me. PM me on Discord @ Phoenix#4357
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    It's almost 4 years in RoH. I've been very distant in pretty much everything and barely interacting with people recently - I'm deeply sorry for that, especially before people I appreciate the most here. Speaking of which: Many more to mention, sorry I didn't include everyone. It would be a very long list >.< I'm glad to be part of this big family, where I found such wonderful people.
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    After being in rehab recovering from a small stroke for about 3 months, my grandmas coming home today!!
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    For those who may be concerned: I'm still here. Though I haven't been active in any of our divisional games its not due to the community; its due to my personal life/time available to play. I'm in my final semester of college if all goes well *knock on wood* and that is my main focus right now. I intend to be back and more active once the semester is more underway and I'm comfortable with my schedule. Until then, I'll keep to my forum stalking from time to time and try to stay in touch with those who care to reach out. Take care!
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    Hi i love you RoH and i'm sorry if anyone saw my outburst the other night. I got overemotional and i caused drama and then i caused more drama about my drama and then i whispered people and caused more drama and i fell into a drama hole. I am still learning that you can't drama your way out of drama, i guess. I learned a really hard lesson over the past couple days and instead of shouting in the chat box or in ts or in guild chat or in a forum message (I think i've done all 4 now) I'll just take it to dm or just send it to myself. I've done that before and it helps but i need to remember to do that before i act emotionally. Anyway sorry for all of this and i love you all and if you forgive me give me a thumbs up or something bc i havent won a day since aug 14 2017 and i see that because its on my screen right now
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    Felt like doing a drawing of my swtor character in clothing more typical of what I see women wearing all the time where I work. (Keep in mind I work in a casino in Vegas haha.... ) And yeah Rall has a lot of scars... Hence why she rarely wears outfits that expose her back hehe. (And yreeees I pulled an artist cheat and hid her hands so I wouldn't have to take extra time to draw 'em haha)...
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    Just got back home from the hospital with our son, Conner.
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    Hello everyone! Hope all is well with RoH! I just wanted to pop in and share that tonight is the night to watch the skies if you can! A full "snow" moon, a penumbral eclipse, and comet 45P will all be in the skies!
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    After 6months of chemo, my Mom has officially beaten Cancer (pt2) today!! So grateful to be closing that chapter!
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    I need to get this off my chest, and that is why I am posting it here, and not in any general forum. We, Americans all, should be ashamed, horrified, and angry for what happened yesterday in Washington D.C. I know people are numb to the horrific last couple of years of toxic rhetoric, divisive politics, and touchy topic... but stars above my fellow Americans WAKE UP! BE ANGRY! Our Capitol fell, not to a foreign enemy, not to a smuggled explosive, but to a mob of our own misguided and indoctrinated people. Nero played Twitter, while Rome burned.
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    Good news! *wow, those don't often happen in my SUs* Should be starting to work from Monday/Tuesday. It's post office operator job - nothing special, but after months of people just not giving me a chance it's at least something. Being able to help my parents with debts sounds nice. The day I got a call telling me to bring documents, me being awful at handling anxiety - started having tremors for like 1/3 of the day. Hopefully I won't be kicked out. So, yay
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    2 years ago I made a leap put myself out there and join RoH through the swtor division from watching videos such as Swtorista it wasn't until later that Aravail who I had been watching for the 3 months before was part of the same community youtube such a small world . At this time I began to become independent diagnosed with Aspergers my family overcompensated for me in terms of control and shelter the home I am in was bought with money my grandfather left me when he died because he knew better than most how hard it was for me to interact with the world. My income is through rent money of the master bedroom and my own small self created job as a proof reader for future self-publish authors I tried working for a publishing house but my disability allowed others to take advantage of me under the guise of friendship I would help with their work on top of my own anyway anyway its in the past am happier working for myself. Before going on a little background is required I had only played WoW with my father who always insisted that no one on the internet is my friend and to never tell them where I am I thought everyone had been told this but in my rebellious youth 18 (late bloomer ) I secretly used the account he set up for me to play on other realms join other guilds because all i ever wanted while growing up is people to game with. My father grew furious with me I couldn't understand why in his own misguided way he thought he was keeping me safe...too bad it was scarring and during 2016 we had a fight and our relationship has never been the same sadly I stopped playing any MMO's after that fight something that brought me so much pain I didn't want it in my life. I put my head down and I worked from 8am to 6pm getting crappy jobs and pay but it gave me enough independence to want more from my life little did I know it would cost me another family member after my grandfather passed away my uncle and I grew close but as he hit his late 70's he had to give up living in his family home to live in a nursing home I took over the place looking after it instead of rent....couldn't afford the place otherwise. Taking him away from his home ultimately killed him three weeks later he passed in his sleep he must have known because in his will he left the property to me he had no children of his own and believed while I don't have the last name after the fight with my father I have all but taken my mother last name that it should stay with a Griffin. Depression came around how can it not the number of people I interacted with was slowly fading playing games by myself no longer stave the pangs of loneliness then came RoH. With a small income I decided to take a leap after binge-watching youtube videos about swtor I enjoyed the storyline videos that Aravail did then came a recommendation video made by Swtorista after watching it took a lot for me to write out the application I was so self-conscious about my answers I messaged the swtor RO at the time in a panic that I forgot to even post it! looking back I can laugh about it now because I was so focused on leveling my first toon Vannatos the last half of my name shorten is from thankfully I was able to be a bit more conservative about my answers this time. When I saw that RoH had a WoW division I felt something for the first time concerning WoW a sense of longing with a steady income I could afford it and after a month of being with the swtor division I switch from that one to WoW creating a whole new account away from my father away from his achievements because he had got them all nothing I had was earned by myself so it felt liberating to play WoW from scratch. I had always been interested in pvp during my rebellious youth I became second in command of a horde pvp guild before being found out by my father and forced to leave it and there was an opening to take the pvp position I came in with such grand promises that only a few months of achieving nothing I felt embarrassed by my failure and retire quickly. From then on I lost interest in wow but not the community I hang around watching from afar doing Random BG's to pass the time an occasional raid but PvE is not really my thing. Fast forward to the last part of the previous year after bouncing through ESO that flame out quickly I return to wow around April I think I created Jinghoo best damn monk panda on the alliance side of Azeroth I learned how to tank and did so quite well at the end of Legion and into the start of Battle for Azeroth and once again the officer position for PvP came around I had mixed thoughts about this but it was the members of the WoW division that convince me to take on the role once again and I would like to think it has been far more successful. After this week it has been....a trial drama both in RL and community am not ashame to admit almost broke me but the support from everyone from members to my assistant and my DC gave me the fortitude to halt my retreat into the protective shell I created to survive high school and the interactions in RL and come out...not stronger but not as battered...baby steps. I write this to not only celebrate my third year in this community but to the friendships, I have forged I did not write this to garner sympathy or to make anyone feel sorry for me nor do I want anyone to treat me differently after reading this but to express how important this community has become to me. Not only for my physical health but mentally as well two years ago I would never be able to do this. To put so much of myself out here for some 550 members last time I check how many people call this place home I hope everyone continues in whatever work they do to grow this community whether it be showing kindness to putting content on platforms such as youtube and Twitch... Now! "rubs hands together" lets see how many people i can get to wish me happy birthday because in 5minutes it will be!
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    Hi Remnants! I'BACK... well not really. Only for around 4 more hours after writting this and 8-9 hours tommorrow. *i'm sad, that I won't be able to say 'hi' in TS, when most of you online* Tough not being around the family, but I'm keep going. I'm in topographic troops from this day and going to be the rest of service (one more week and it'll be full month in the military). At least serving not far from home, but I have no idea when and for long I'll be released again. If everything fine, it's gonna be once a month. I hope you all doing well and SWTOR won't close during my time of service. 9.6
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    I am officially a Air Force Airman Enlistee. It feels so good to finally be done with the process and on the next step to my new carrer Phoenix
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    Time for a new avatar! Art drawn by Crydiaa
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    Four years in [HOPE], and although I've mostly drifted away from gaming... Some of my fondest memories are here, rebuilding a dying GW2 Division and then, a year or so later, seeing it through the transition into post-Path of Fire mechanics. It's still a joy to see the guild thriving and so many familiar faces still committing time and love. @Exoniensis and @Sim the Ineluctable - you two were some of the first people I ever recruited way back in 2014 and you remain cornerstones of the guild. @Shant you pulled me back into the guild in 2015 and were my closest confidant and friend during my second run as DC. @Silver Still remember the day you joined, and while we've had our drama... I feel in some ways that I've watched you grow up into a fantastic guildy and human being. You love [HOPE] as much as I do. @Kenji so happy someone in my real life is around to keep me remembering this wonderful place that was a second home and a haven for me during the tumultuous end of my marriage and upheaval of my life. RoH got me through it and then some. So much love.
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    So @Ellenore (Tam) painted this for me as a Father's Day present! I'm super stoked and thought I'd share it with you guys! Its a 2 ft X 4 ft canvas, and I hung it above our bed. Arizona sunsets are the best!
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    @HighOverlordXenu, @Razziie, and @Cedany Silverstream Despite the recent drama and conflict of opinions, it needs to be recognized that all three of you have done some amazingly awesome work for this community. Irregardless of what you do from here, I wish you all the best, and thank you for the work you have done in RoH.
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    Since many of you know I go to england a lot to visit my family, just letting yall know I am safe and so os mi familia~
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    Finally got promoted and quit my second job! I'll be able to play again.
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    Today, I just received the official offer letter from my company to move into a new position! This is the same one I stepped down from being DC to pursue so I'm glad it finally paid off.
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    hi im still alive I'm a junior now and way busy. I have started looking at colleges with my parents and also I got a new kitten this summer. I'm driving now too. So yeah. I wanted to check in. I still miss everyone, but especially people like Zang. It still kills me he's gone. Miss you all too.
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    Happy 30th Anniversary to she who must be obeyed!!!!
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    Hmm, has anyone noticed the cool trend with ESO and our DCs? That the DCs' significant other also plays with us? We always have a first dude or first lady eh. First it was @Koro and @Ellenore . Then it was @Daizey and @Darnavian. Followed by @DigitalMonk and @ReignGoddess. And now it is @Ezoura and the crown thief @Oswald-Plays It's just kinda neato how that's played out with the ESO division
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    So in a few hours I'll be coming back to my military duties, which means dissapearing from the Internet for unknown time again. Well, not interly uknown, surely in about 9 months and 9 days I'll be back 100%, but between that probably won't be too manywindows. Thanks everyone for a fun time, I especially missed raiding in SWTOR. Enjoyed new story and did not bad in past week's Conquest. I'll miss you!
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    Hey folks, ever fear, I'm still here! Between work, a 2 plus day internet outage and asthma, I've been absent from game and TS. But you can't get rid of me that easy! I'm pleased to report Internet is back. Asthma still sucks, but vacation is coming. Which is much better than Winter is coming... maybe...
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    Why, just why it took so long for me to arrive in this guild? You all are awesome. I hope to see my kid joining this guild one day. Thanks for everything, everyone!
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    Happiness is the key to life. It doesn’t matter how much you have, what you spend, make, drive or wear. It all means nothing if you are not happy within yourself. Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own. -Rene Scalfani We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given a life. It’s up to us to make it good or bad. – Ward Foley Sometimes words of comfort or hope are all that is needed to make the day better. A generous unasked for hug can make it perfect.
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    Sometimes people just anger you... somehow, when I game with RoH, those angry feelings just go away. ~Neo
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    My apologies to all SWTOR RPers that I have not been online in the past two weeks. Work and RL have continued to hit me hard, but I am getting things organized as the days go by. After the 1st, I will finally be back on a normal schedule at work and over the "honeymoon" period with my new promotion. That means it will be business as usual FINALLY! I am really looking forward to having the time to participate in RP again and work on the next major 10 month long storyline haha. Who will the next villain be? Perhaps Darth Koruma returns from the unknown regions... or will it be Astir's revenge from beyond dimensions... or perhaps a resurrected Emperor's Heart.... or... something far more sinister and evil, putting to test your very lives and souls as you are chased across the galaxy. It will be totally up to you to decide if the Remnants of Hope survive and thrive! ((In all seriousness, I am working on another storyline, though it may take a few months to set it up. I promise it will be worth the time and effort! And hopefully the next story will have less of my own characters getting killed off))
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    This backpack is the Cat's Meow~
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    Just got done with an Interview for an IT position at a Hospital! Hope I get it!
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    After decades of writing everything but Star Wars, I am finally writing a Star Wars novel that I'm actually planning on pitching for publication. It's about a heart-wrenching story of a broken man who, while grieving the death of his family, travels the galaxy looking for answers. His path takes him on an emotional journey during which he discovers ... a force, calling to him. It is a story of anger and pain, during which time we witness the discovery of The Force and the birth of the "JE'DAII".
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    oh hey its been a little over a year since i've joined RoH. p wild; time flies when you're looking back on it. drink some water and stay hydrated
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    Well folks I've nuked all of my characters on GW2, ESO, and WoW so that means that I'm pretty much done with MMOs for like the rest of my life. I wanted to ensure that I had zero temptation to get back into those games and so I took some drastic steps. I ended up purchasing a Playstation 4 console about a month ago (only like 6 years after it came out LOL) and have been enjoying the hell out of games like Witcher 3 and Horizon: Zero Dawn to name a few. It's quite an adjustment going from mouse and keyboard to a gamepad, but I'm getting used to it slowly but surely. If you want to add me as a friend on PSN, my id is gurnathron. It's Sindarin for heart weaver All the best! James Oh and thanks to @Azilori and @Elisel for the belated birthday wishes! Turning 50 was a whole different experience LOL
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    Its been a long time coming, but i have accepted an offer for a software developer job!
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    Thank you very much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. Whatever happened in real life has nothing to do with this community, who overall, tends to bring me a lot of joy.
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    Today, I found out that in SWTOR... there is a legacy title dubbed "Horrible Person". I don't think I can find any better title... this is like THE LEGACY TITLE for me.
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    Hello everyone. As some of you may have seen (through notifications and word of mouth) PvE is hosting 7 days of raiding this week. This will NOT affect any RP event start times. DrfH (thank Icy for the acronym of the story title) and Social RP will begin at 9:30 PM EST on Tuesday and Friday. Imperial RP on Thursday will begin at 10:00PM EST. Social this week is Frolo Friday...YEA, who wants to miss that??? Woohooo, going to a fancy auction, get that life size portrait of Anderson. If your going to any of the raids, enjoy, win a deco or two for the Hope's Light once we finish unlocking it. If not, hope to see you at the regularly scheduled times. @IcyFrost93 @Elisel @Chelly @Vorn @T'rissanna'niss @Nova05 @Marris Radwin @Slazersc@Jae Onasi @Junlar @Vil
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    This monday was wonderful all around! From a good day at work to actually using my voice in TS more over time. I just want to thank everyone who was in Karaoke room today. You made this day inspiringly amazing! I may forgetting some people, but you contributed to this wonderful experience too. @Merliah, @Hippy, @Neo, @Artemiaseus, @Hippy, @Jed, @T'rissanna'niss, @Saal, @Vyrigan, @Limmy, @Tallon and even @Insignia - thanks for the greatest start of the week ^-^
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    Since no one has a birthday today and because I'm bored in church I googled who has birthdays today. Alfie Deyes is 24 that little girl from good luck Charlie is 9 hank Williams who sang country songs is dead but he would have been 94 if he was alive Jimmy Johnson a race car driver is 42 And a bunch of other people but no one REALLY famous just internet famous or dead or a sports person
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    Im so lonely ugh when can i not be in timeout anymore? : P
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